A soldier died so I could write this blog post

This weekend marks the unofficial start to the summer season. Families will be gathering for picnics, barbeques and loads of fun. Very few will even give a thought about what this weekend is all about. If it wasn’t for the brave and courageous acts of many young men and women in our military, we might not be able to enjoy those precious moments with our families. Instead, we might be forced to participate in a national day of events for some dictator who rules this country. If you do not participate, you are thrown in jail and faced with the threat of execution. Families picnics and barbeques would be carefully monitored by the dictator’s secret police with restrictions on what we eat and drink. Yes, it would not be a fun country to live in. Chances are people like myself, who likes to call out the government on certain issues through social media, would be thrown in jail and faced with execution. Nobody would have any freedom of speech. Yet those scenarios are not happening because many brave men and women have made countless sacrifices to ensure those nightmare scenarios would not happen.

Tomorrow, every single American should take a moment of silence and think about the soldiers who have died serving this country and protecting our freedoms. These brave and women are the definition of what a true hero is all about. Our countries military is strictly voluntarily and nobody forces anyone to join. Many young men and women join because they feel a deep patriotic duty to do so and protect our freedoms. They know the dangers and risks of doing so. That does not stop them from making sacrifices so you and me can live a much better life. To die in serving this country is the most honorable way to end your life.

Unfortunately, many fail to acknowledge our fallen soldiers like they should. Some even like to blame our government for the death of so many soldiers such as the case in Iraq. The fact is that freedom comes with a cost. Those who are naïve enough to think otherwise are terrible mistaken. A large majority of people living in this country have never served in the military. Only a small percentage have had the guts to do the dirty work so we can all enjoy living in the greatest country in the world. I know I will take some time tomorrow to reflect on our true heroes. Because of their commitment to freedom, I can express my thoughts and opinions through my blog posts without facing the risk of losing my life.


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