The right verdict in the Boston bombing trial

In the aftermath of the verdict in the Boston bombing trial, which a federal jury convicted Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death for his role in that awful event, it has been very interesting to read how many people view the death penalty. Some are opposed to putting Mr. Tsarnaev to death. They simply want him to be locked away for the rest of his life in some prison. Others like myself agree with the verdict and support his execution. Amazingly, there are some people who feel he deserves leniency from the courts because in their minds, he is a so-called “follower” of his older brother and was influenced by his actions. Whatever your opinion may be about the verdict, it certainly is nice to have this trial come to a close and enable the victims families to have some closure over this awful event.

For the most part, I am not really a huge fan of the death penalty. Locking a killer up for the rest of his or her life seems to be a more reasonable way of punishing someone. Some criminals may even want to die and they view a death sentence as the perfect way to go out. In their opinion, they may looked at as being a martyr and get the attention they are seeking. Another drawback of the death penalty is the fact that too many innocent people may be sentenced to death for crimes they did not actually commit. However in this case and other terrorist acts where great casualties occur, I fully support it. The Boston Marathon bombings had the potential to kill many hundreds of people, fortunately only 3 people lost their lives. Over 200 people were severely injured. The fact that Tsarnaev and his brother intended to kill as many innocent people as possible should be reason enough to put this thug to death. He is an animal who deserves the same fate that his brother received a few days after the event. It was very unfortunate that so many families and victims had to endure a trial for this madman and yes, terrorist.

It is about time that we start treating terrorists like they should be treated. No more sympathy for evil people who are enemies of this country. They deserve the ultimate punishment. Tsarnaev knew exactly what he was doing and do you really believe for a second that he feels remorse for what he did? He is probably sitting in his lonely cell and dreaming of killing more of us. That punk deserves to die. We need to send a message to terrorists, not only around the world, but here in the United States that terrorist acts will be severely dealt with. If you go out and kill innocent people, there will  be a heavy price to pay.

Those folks who are sympathising for Tsarnaev make me sick!! What about the victims of his evil acts? Are you feeling the same compassion for that young 8-year-old boy who had his life abruptly snuffed out in an instant? Or the several people who lost limbs? Maybe if it happened to one of your family members or loved ones, your attitude might be a little different. Terrorist thugs like Tsarnaev do not deserve to being living. The world is a better place if we get rid of him and other terrorists who want to kill innocent Americans. The sooner we can eliminate them, the better.


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