What is so great about Hillary Clinton?

In one of the biggest shocking announcements in recent memory (please pardon my sarcasm!), Hillary Clinton announced that she is will be running for President in 2016. You would think from the coverage of this announcement that she is the next female messiah of this country. The media are following her like a hawk all over the country. We are even given updates to where she dines and what she has. Judging by the polls, Mrs. Clinton seems to have a fair amount of popularity at this time. Many of her supporters give similar answers when asked why they support her. “Well, it is time that we elect a woman president, the time is well overdue”. My question to her supporters is this, take away the fact that she is a woman trying to be the first woman president, the former first lady and wife of a very popular president and a well know name in the political field, what is left? What major accomplishments has she ever had? What makes her so qualified to be the president?

Her recent term as Secretary of State has been viewed by many as a failure. The Benghazi attack took place under her watch and Clinton tried to brush that attack under the rug by blaming it on some video and not mentioning that it was a terrorist attack.. 4 Americans lost their lives in the attack including our ambassador to Libya. A person would be hard pressed to find any accomplishments during her term. About the only thing valuable she accomplish was picking up many frequent flyer miles and giving many speeches. She seemed to be way over her head in that job.

Don’t you get the impression that Mrs. Clinton’s middle initial should be S as in scandal? She has been involved in countless scandals during her career and every time, she seems to find a way to wiggle away and out of them. Her recent email scandal is a classic example. Government officials are supposed to use government computers to run government business, They even have to sign a document stating they will uphold this agreement. Mrs. Clinton apparently felt that is above the law by using her own personal computer to do government business and running the risk at putting our nation at risk. Imagine if a hacker from a foreign country hacked into her computer and viewed some confidential document? Suppose a Republican had done the same thing? The media would be all over him or her. I find it very hard to trust Clinton as my president with her very deceiving nature.

Clinton stated during her announcement that she wants to be the people’s champion, more specifically, the champion of the middle class. How exactly are you going to accomplish that, Mrs. Clinton? Is she going to be just another tax and spend Democrat who talks a good game but instead hurts the middle class with their policies. Perhaps she should take some advice from her husband on the value of cutting taxes for the investors of this country. It worked well about 20 years ago and it will work well again. She is sounding more and more like the president in talking about ways to help improve our economy. How is that working out for us? Do we want another 4 years of failed economic policies for this country?

The Democratic party would be well suited to find other candidates to challenge Clinton. There has to be some very formidable opponents who could defeat Clinton in a primary. Why should the party put all their eggs in one basket? Forget about trying to elect someone just because they would be the first of a gender to be the president. That is a very shallow way of picking a candidate. I would rather have a lesser known candidate, male or female, who is more about substance and ideas and who we can actually trust as a leader. I just feel that Hillary Clinton has some issues with deception and trust that need to be looked into before we get all giddy about electing her to be the first female president. I guess I join many folks in having serious doubts about whether Mrs. Clinton is ready to be our next president. I wish more Democrats would have those same doubts.


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