A new low in journalism, the Rolling Stones rape story

Like many people, I enjoy reading newspaper and magazine articles about various issues and events in our society. Those articles give me a clearer understanding of what the situation is about and I expect the author of the article to do their homework and dig up info from all angles of the story. Sadly, this is becoming less and less likely these days in journalism. It seems as if reporters have their own personal narrative to fulfill or that of the particular newspaper/magazine they work represent. The recent Rolling Stone article about the University of Virginia rape case is a classic example.

There are certain people in this country who seem to think that gang rape is a very common occurrence and growing epidemic at many colleges around this country. Some are even foolish enough to believe the made up statistic that 1 out of every 5 women attending college will be raped at some time. According to many sources, the real figure is less than 1 percent. The author of the Rolling Stones story apparently is one of those gullible people who believe that gang rape is a terrible epidemic on our campuses. This so called event was the perfect opportunity to further her agenda. In doing so, she neglected to dive deeper into the story and get ALL SIDES OF THE STORY!! The fact that none of the accused were even interviewed is almost laughable and a serious breach of journalism. Why only the accused was interviewed just shows that the author was totally biased in her reporting. She probably believes that we the readers are just too stupid to see through this. Many of us can sense bias and poor researching a mile away!

Probably the most disturbing part of this journalism debacle is the revelation this week that the author of this story will not be fired nor will the editor of the magazine. So apparently it is okay to write fictitious story for a rather well know magazine and damage the reputation of several young men in the process? Is this what journalism has come to? Why is this woman not  held accountable for her poorly written story? That is total crap in my opinion! She should have been fired immediately. Writers are often fired for far less serious things. This magazine has totally lost all credibility with me!!

The men being accused of rape in the story will sue the magazine and I hope they sue the living daylights out of the magazine. An example must be set so that other biased reporters will think twice about writing stuff which only fits their own personal views and agenda. I hope this will serve as a wake call for all of those journalist out there to cut all the biased crap out. A good story is FACT BASED!!! Sadly, many media outlets could care less about any facts, only if it fits their own biased views of the story. They seem to forget that their readers represent people of various views, not just their own.


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