A fantasy for the average golfer

Chances are that anyone who has plays sports fantasizes or dreams of doing something big in their sport. For myself who has played many sports, those fantasies are many. I would love to play 5 minutes in an NBA game at Madison Square Garden. Or I often dream about representing my country in the Olympics as a track and field star. As an avid golfer, this weekend is about my biggest golf fantasy, playing in the Masters golf tournament.

The Masters golf tournament, in my humble opinion, is the premier golf tournament in the world. There are many other tournaments around the world, but how can you beat the Masters with all that tradition? It is played at probably the most famous golf course in the world, Augusta National. Sometimes I wonder if God is showing millions a television viewers a glimpse of heaven while watching the tournament.on the television. Those beautiful flowers, creeks and trees lining the course makes for some serious viewing pleasure. Now imagine if your playing in the tournament? What an honor that would be to play at such a beautiful place with so much tradition and history. It would be an honor of a lifetime to play at the Masters. Now lets take it one step further; suppose you were about the win the tournament. Imagine walking down the 18th fairway with the crowd cheering and that green jacket within your reach. It gives me chills up my spine just thinking about! I often fantasize about making a 15 foot putt to win my first Masters in dramatic fashion. It is safe to say that many golfers of all levels dream about playing in the Masters and winning it.

I personally would be happy to just play a round at that course. There are 5 golf courses that I would love to play before I die and Augusta National is at the top of the list. I could care less if I was playing bad. I would be in awe from just being there. Perhaps some day, I will pull some strings and get that much coveted chance of a lifetime. Unfortunately, my game is not quite up to par, pardon the pun, to qualify for the Masters tournament. It is my understanding that 14 handicap golfers do not qualify and get invited to play. Oh darn!!

In the meantime, I will just have to be happy and content with playing at my little local course where I am a member. I can always pretend that the little creek off the 6th hole is Ray’s Creek. Or the final 3 holes is like playing Amen Corner. Yes, watching the Masters golf tournament this weekend is giving us a chance to watch what would be the ultimate experience for any golfer. There is no other place I would rather play than at Augusta National. To win the golf tournament and put on the green jacket would be my ultimate fantasy.


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