Thoughts on the Indiana’s Religous Freedom Act

The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!! How could anyone pass such a discriminatory piece of legislation? If you happen to listen to the biased media in the last week regarding the new Indiana Religious Freedom Protection Act, this law is the worst thing to ever happen in this country. From coast to coast, people have been said to be totally outraged. Many demonstrations have taken place, business such as Angie’s List are canceling plans for expansion in the Indiana; the governor in Connecticut is banning travel to the state for all non-essential employee’s; some sports knuckleheads like Charles Barkley are calling for the big Final Four event this weekend in Indianapolis to be moved to a different location. My thoughts on this issue is why? Why all the outrage? This story is a classic knee jerk example of people jumping to conclusion before all the facts are known.

A federal law, very similar to this law, was signed in 1993 by President Bill Clinton. It got very strong bi-partisan support. A guy who many of these outraged people love to worship, President Barack Obama, voted in favor of a similar law while senator in the state of Illinois, There are already similar laws in 19 other states. So why are people suddenly so upset and misinformed over a law which gives simple basic rights to people of certain religious faiths? I simply do not understand. It have absolutely nothing to do with any type of discrimination towards gays.

All I keep hearing from those misinformed people who are against this law is how the rights of gay people are being trampled on. Well what about the rights of Christian people? Why are rights of gay people much more important than  rights of Christian people? Why does the elderly couple, who own a bakery, suddenly have to go against their deep held religious beliefs and be forced to make a gay couple a wedding cake? That is totally not right in my opinion. A decent gay couple will respect the religious beliefs of a business and just take their money and business somewhere else. What is so difficult about doing that? Furthermore those so-called predictions that gay people will suddenly have to endure a lot of discrimination is totally hogwash! Many businesses in this country go out of their way to serve all people, even those who they cringe to see walk into their business. Turning away a certain group of people in this day and age is a very risky business move. With the rise of social media, a business can take a tremendous reputation hit and no owner wants that to happen to them.

My theory of why this outrage is so big is simply this. It boils down to a couple of targets that the media loves to go after. Christians and Republicans. They want to label the Republicans as a party of extremists and bigots. If the governor of Indiana was Democrat, I highly doubt that we would see even half of this outrage. Furthermore, many left-wing lunatics, not all but many, have a very negative view towards Christians and Christianity. It is very interesting to note that many of them seem to be very quiet when terrible atrocities towards gays take place overseas like in the Middle East. It is unbelievable to hear CEO’s speak out against this law when they have businesses in countries which are very harsh towards gay people.

The outrage over this law has nothing to do with any type of equal rights for gays. It is all about politics and gaining control. Sadly, our religious freedoms are taking a hit by those who preach tolerance but are the most intolerant people in this country.


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