The challenge of being a Christian in today’s world

For people of the Christian faith like myself, this is a special week of the year when we celebrate what the heart and soul of Christianity is all about, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately for a growing number of people in this world, this week means absolutely nothing at all. To them, Jesus was just some mythical character who didn’t really exist despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Even more disturbing are those who claim that Christians are nothing more than a bunch of narrow-minded, bigoted, overzealous fanatics who want to control all aspects of society and force their religion onto society.

There is no question that Christianity is slowly becoming one of the most persecuted religious faiths in the world today. Christians in Iraq are being forced to flee for their lives. There is a growing level of hatred for Jews and Christians in many European countries. Even here in the United States, Christianity is being under attack. Several business owners are being forced to perform services which go against their religious beliefs. Some schools are banning prayer and any mention of God or Jesus. In some public places, you cannot even display any type of religious statue or plaque such as the ten commandments. If you do so, some anti-Christian group is sure to come along and raise a stink. A Christian expressing his or her opposition to gay marriage is labeled a bigot and a hater. The list goes on and on. Our society and culture is becoming more and more secular which is NOT a good thing.

A Christian is also exposed to more and more things these days that really test their faith. The rise of the internet and social media exposes a Christian to more and more stuff which goes against their beliefs. It is very easy for anyone including Christians to get addicted to pornography. People are allowed to state their opinions against Christianity in message boards and some of their comments seem rather reasonable and makes sense. A person with a weak faith could easily get sucked into the false propaganda of many non-believers. Many television shows are becoming more and more secular. When was the last time a family show came on which really gloried what a family should be all about? Instead, many shows glorify single parenthood or alternative relationships. Once again, many Christians watch those shows and before long, they will fall into the trap of accepting that way of life.

We all want to be accepted by our peers and be popular. The true Christian will not worry about pleasing other people, rather he or she will worry about pleasing God. Unfortunately, many Christians and churches are afraid to speak out on certain issues because they simply do not want to offend a certain group of people. In the process, they are offending God and will be held accountable some day. What type of message does that send non-believers when you cannot stand up to your convictions?

The Christian faith is all about loving one another, humbling yourself to serve others, reaching out to help others in need. It has helped millions of people live a much better and fulfilling life. I find it appalling that so many people have issues with Christians and Christianity. If more and more people followed the teachings of Jesus, this world would be a totally much better place to life. We would not have all the crime, broken homes, greed and hatred like we do today. Does anyone see a pattern that is taking place here? As the world has become more secular, there are more and more problems existing. Sure, it is a challenge to be a Christian in today’s world, but the biggest challenge is taking a stand and following through on your beliefs and convictions. The world definitely needs it now.


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