The lies of Brian Williams

There has certainly been a lot of buzz recently in social media about a very popular news anchor person, Brian Williams, and his made up story about how he came under attack while doing a story during the early days of the 2nd Iraqi war. I have to admit that I was once a fan of Williams. He seemed like a very likeable guy, someone who you wouldn’t mind having a beer or dinner with. He just had something about him that I really liked in an anchor person; maybe his positive demeanor while reporting the news and his great stories about some of our older war veterans. Williams had this special talent that got my attention and millions of other people. Unfortunately, that special talent of his goes beyond reporting the news. He also seems to have a special talent for lying and fabricating stories.

I find it extremely sad that public figures seem to think that lying is okay and nobody will ever notice. Do these people think that we are that naïve and will never notice? Politicians are famous for being liars. We have many well known politicians whose noses are growing longer every day. Does “If you like your plan, you can keep it” ring a bell to anyone? Any public figure whether it be a famous anchor person, athlete, politician, actor or musician who lies to further his or her career or agenda deserves the ridicule and harsh treatment that they experience after being caught in a lie. They are basically insulting everyone’s intelligence with their made up fabrications of the truth. In the process, their credibility is taking a terrible hit. In the case with Williams, how can anyone trust the guy anymore for what he says? One of the critical factors of any news anchor person is their likability among viewers. Lying to viewers is an unimaginable sin of any anchor person.

Whether Williams comes back after his 6 month suspension is really up in the air at this point. Personally, I could really care less if he came back or not. Watching the nightly news on NBC is not a high priority for me. I don’t rush home from work just so I can watch some 1/2 hour news cast. I have many other choices for getting the news. I don’t have to spend a 1/2 hour of my time watching some guy make 10 million a year for just for reading a teleprompter. While William is a very talented guy at what he does, he is very replaceable. New anchor people are a dime a dozen in my opinion. There are many other talented people out there who deserve a shot and who have far more creditability than Williams. Perhaps NBC news might be better off just firing Williams for good and sending a message to future anchors that lying to us is not acceptable and never will be.


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