The agony of defeat for a sports fan

Anyone who is a passionate sports fan has probably felt the emotional trauma that goes with following a particular team. Sometimes the trauma is less dramatic because your team stinks and that recent loss is less painful to deal with. You are used to having your team lose and a loss is easily accepted. The expectations are very low as well as the emotional attachment to the team. That all changes when your team starts winning some games and there is hope to win that particular championship; suddenly the emotions of following your favorite team becomes stronger and stronger. Your life centers around following the team. You find yourself scheduling your daily activities around the team’s games. You spend many wakeless nights thinking about the big game and how your team’s quarterback is going to fare against the opponents tough defense and so forth. The day of the big game arrives and your blood pressure reaches unhealthy numbers, the game is tight and your team is about to win the championship; suddenly they collapse, and in heartbreaking fashion, they lose; how do you handle that?

Recently, fans of the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks had to go through this type of agony. The Seahawks were one yard from winning the Super Bowl, one lousy yard!! Their brilliant coaching staff decides to bypass giving the ball to the best running back in the league and instead throw a risky slant pass in the middle which was picked off. The hopes and dreams of thousands of Seahawk fans suddenly went up in a puff of smoke. If that happened to my favorite NFL team, I might have promptly made an appointment the following morning to see my counselor. I have never seen a team lose a game in more of a heartbreaking fashion. The Super Bowl is the arguably the one of the biggest games in the world and the Seahawks just blew it!! How do you cope with the pain if you are a fan of the team.? The same can be said for the Green Bay Packers. Knowing Packer fans like I do, they treat their football and following of the Packers very seriously. A trip to the Super Bowl was well within reach for the Packers. Then the unthinkable happened, a dramatic rally by the opponents, who just happened to be the Seahawks, dashed any hopes of a Super Bowl appearance for the Packers. The loss was so stinging that even some of us Minnesota Viking fans felt sorry for Packer nation.

So how does a fan of a sports team handle a crushing defeat? My experiences have taught me to simply not get too emotionally wrapped up into following any sports team. I have absolutely no power in deciding the outcome of a game. It is totally out of my control, so why should I worry and get so upset if my team losses? I absolutely refuse to get totally emotionally involved in any sport’s team. Say for example that my favorite NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings just so happened to win the Super Bowl. How would that benefit me as a person? Would I win any money or some sort of prize because my team just won the championship? The last I checked, the fans do not receive any of the winning share. Would I get a better job or status in life? Absolutely not? Would it heal any sickness that I might have? Once again, no. Outside of the fact that it would help my emotional state for a few hours, having your team win a championship or a big game is a very fleeting moment in your life. My point is this, Aren’t there more important things in your life that you can actually control?

For those sports fans who refuse to let go of their emotional attachment, there is always hope for the future. Both the Seahawks and the Packers will be contenders next year. Many teams go through heartbreaking defeats before they win the big title or championship. Just because your team does not win it this year does not mean they will never ever win the title again. Furthermore, a championship is always sweeter after your favorite team faces some type of adversity and bounces back the next year. I know how difficult those dramatic defeats can be for any sports fan, but the world does not end after the game is over. The sun still rises the next day and your favorite team will be back at it next year, even hungrier to win the championship.


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