Religion gone wrong

During a speech at a prayer breakfast this week, President Obama made some rather controversial, yet interesting statements about hijacking one’s religion. While I feel his statements about Christianity were very misleading, he did make a good point about the dangers of certain radical groups such as ISIS who hijack their religion in order to further their cause. The fact that this group justifies their actions because it is in the name of God is extremely disturbing and should cause outrage among not only Muslims, but people of all faiths. In my view, a religious faith or belief that justifies killing of innocent people such as women and children, does not tolerate other people’s faith and beliefs and oppresses people is far from a religion that would have God’s blessing. It sounds more like a faith of somebody who worships Satan.

What type of religion one follows is a highly individual choice. I happen to be a follower of the Christian faith. The way I live my life and my values are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ who is the son of God. I certainly respect and tolerate other people’s faiths and beliefs. Just because my neighbor happens to be a Muslim doesn’t mean that feel the need to go over to his house and chop his head off. That is not what the religion that I follow preaches. Unfortunately, there are some radical Muslim groups who do not feel the same way that I do. Because I am not a Muslim, I am the enemy and must convert or be killed. I am a perfectly harmless human being who strongly believes in world peace, helping the poor and needy and loving one another, yet I am considered a threat to this world? Really? I would like some member of this radical group please explain to me how my practicing of the Christian faith is a threat to this world. How is some innocent journalist who is just covering a story a threat to this world? Why is there a need to cut his head off? Or the young aid worker who is just trying to help out some poor people, why are they a threat to society?

I consider any religion that preaches hate and violence towards fellow-man to be totally inconsistent to God’s word. Any form of religion should be based on his word and help make this world a better place to live. The form of religion that I practice, Christianity, stresses love and forgiveness towards others. Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if all people practiced these concepts of the Christian faith? That is what true religion should be a about, making this world a better place for every human being. The religion that these radicals practice is far from accomplishing that. Unfortunately, their way of thinking is becoming a cancer that keeps on growing. More and more young people, not only in the Middle East, but from around the world are being brain washed by their sick views of religion. That is called religion gone wrong and these radicals such as those members of ISIS pose the biggest threat to world peace today. They must not be taken lightly and stopped before it is too late.


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