Thoughts on the Super Bowl and a bold prediction

Finally, the big game is near! After a couple of weeks of annoying deflate-gate talk nonsense, two of the best teams in the NFL will battle it out in the 49th edition of the Super Bowl. As a huge NFL fan, I am really excited to see this matchup. This game potentially could be go down as one of the best Super Bowls ever. Both teams appear to be very evenly matched up and is really a contrast between one of the best and most complex offenses ever in the NFL versus one of the best defenses ever. It promises to be a huge chess match between the coaching staffs; who will be able to adapt quicker to what the other team is doing.

Another thing that makes this Super Bowl so intriguing is this, New England has arguably ruled professional football since the early 2000’s. They are the old dynasty with an aging quarterback who is out to win one more Super Bowl. Seattle represents another potential dynasty in the making with their young stars. They are probably thinking that they could make a huge statement in this game by knocking off the Patriots and winning back to back Super Bowls, which hasn’t been done in the NFL in years. On the other hand, the Patriots window of opportunity is closing on them fast. How many more opportunities will they have? With Tom Brady at the twilight of his career, not too many.

Neither team appears to be very likeable based on what I see. The recent deflate-gate scandal has only cemented people’s views of the Patriots. I just find it hard to cheer for a team with one of the most arrogant and condescending coaches ever in professional sports. Bill Belichick is certainly one of the greatest coaches ever, but hardly a guy that I would want to have dinner with. Seattle has their share of jerks as well. Some of their players are little bit too cocky and brash for my liking. Would anyone feel sorry for Richard Sherman if the man who he was covering scored the game winning touchdown? I certainly would not!

Unlike last year when Seattle jumped on Denver early and blew them out, I see this game being much closer and being decided in the final minutes. Seattle is not going to be able to completely stop New England with all the weapons they have. In my view, Seattle will win by a couple of touchdowns if they force Brady to throw a couple of picks and Marshawn Lynch has a big game. It could be a long day for the Pats if that scenario takes place. If Seattle plays like they did against Green Bay and turns the ball over multiple times, New England will capitalize much more than Green Bay did and the Pats will win easily. They cannot have anything near a repeat performance of that game. New England will make them pay. Like most big games, turnovers often determine the outcome and I see Seattle’s great defense forcing a few crucial New England turnovers. In the end, I think Seattle wins 26-23. I hope everyone enjoys what has the making to be a classic Super Bowl. Good luck to both teams and the fans in both cities and around the country.


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