The much overhyped Deflate-gate

With so many problems facing the world today, isn’t it amazing that a story about under inflated footballs has captured this nation’s attention? The issue about the New England Patriots alleged doctoring of the footballs during last Sunday’s AFC championship playoff game has been a huge talking point this week. Judging by some people’s reactions, it is like the Patriots had just committed the biggest atrocity ever in the league! Some folks are even going as far as saying that coach Bill Belicheck and quarterback Tom Brady should be kicked out of the league for this so-called serous breach of league rules. Really? Over a slightly under inflated football? Is the media desperate to find some stories this week?

I would like someone to explain to me how much of an advantage some team has by using an under inflated football. Maybe I am simply naïve, but I just do not see how much of advantage it would be. Having played ball sports for most of my life, the texture and feel of the ball is far more important to a player than the actual PSI of the ball. While they may look appeasing to the eye, a brand new ball is often frowned upon by the players. They want something that is broken in and has a great grip. Since each team is given a certain number of balls before the start of the game, my guess is the players have a nice selection of balls to choose from. Furthermore, if the balls used by a certain team did not have the proper PSI, why didn’t the officials catch it? Why did it take an opposing player to notice the non-conforming football?

I would certainly understand the outrage had the Patriots actually committed serious violations such as using illegal blocks, cheap shots and plays during the game. Rules violations that clearly give one team an advantage should be dealt with harshly. Using an under or over inflated ball is not even close to giving one team any real clear-cut edge. To say that the Patriots had a huge advantage in this game because they were using under inflated balls is totally ridiculous!! By the way, when the actual legal balls were used, New England outscored Indianapolis 28-0. Perhaps it is time to quite wasting so much time on this topic and start talking about a potentially great Super Bowl between two outstanding teams. Unfortunately, I see Deflate-gate as a huge pimple on the face of the Super Bowl. Many in the media will continue to milk this story. As a sports and NFL fan, I hope we can just move on and start talking about how Tom Brady will handle the Seattle defense, not how much Brady knew about some under inflated footballs. Who really cares?!!!!


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