Special words from MLK

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day here in the United States. For many, the day will be just a normal day off from school or work. Unfortunately, many in this country probably have no idea who Martin Luther King is and what he stood for. How many of those students who have tomorrow off even know who this guy is? I challenge any student who is sitting at home on their day off to spend 10 minutes researching this guy. He is one of America’s greatest icons.

When someone mentions his name to me, words from one of his famous speeches really comes to mind. During a speech, he said this, “I have a dream that someday my children will be judged, not by their skin color, but by the content of their character”. Those words pretty much summed up what MLK was fighting for. In an age back then of deep racial divisions, those were very powerful words and I’m sure made a lot of people think about what he said. Why are people being discriminated against just because of the color of their skin?

I was not around in the 50’s and much of the 60’s when this racial strife in our country was at its peak. It horrifies me to read stories about those dark days in American history when we had segregation. Black people were not allowed to eat at certain restaurants as white people, could not use the same bathrooms, had to ride on separate school buses and so on. I find it hard to believe that our society allowed this type of discrimination. Not allowing a certain person to eat at a restaurant just because of the color of his skin is totally ridiculous and just plain evil. I have a hard time understanding why anyone would discriminate against anyone else based on skin color. Just because I am some white guy does not mean that I am any better than some guy across the street who may be of a different skin color than me. I would rather have dinner and hang out with a black person who is a good person inside than some white person is a complete jerk. In my world, I never look at a person based on their skin color. I could care less. I look at who they are inside as people.

While major strides have taken place regarding race relations in this country, racism is still very much alive in this country. Those wounds will never be forgotten by some who always like to play the race card. The recent events regarding the police shootings have only opened those wounds again. One has to wonder how Dr. Martin Luther King would handle the recent events. Unlike the Al Sharptons of this world who do nothing but stir up division and anger by playing the blame game, MLK would probably be more active in calling for peace and unity.

On Martin Luther King Day, I think all Americans should remember what his dream is about. After all, a good character and heart is found in people of all skin colors.


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