Cops lives matter too

While watching the protests and rioting following the Ferguson grand jury verdict, a thought came to my mind. What about the safety of the police officers across the country? It has long been known that many people have rather negative views towards police officers. The Michael Brown and Eric Garner killings have only fueled that hatred towards cops. My worst fears came to life yesterday when 2 NYPD officers were assassinated by a black man who posted on social media that he was out to kill some cops in retaliation for the killings of Brown and Garner. Whether there will be more of these cops killings and threats remains to be seen, but I have a hunch that more cops around the country will be targets by people sympathetic to Brown and Garner. In fact, I can almost guarantee there will be more incidents.

In the past month, there have been several protests across the country in response to the killing of Brown and Garner. A common chant heard during these protests is “black lives matter” Actually don’t all lives matter? During a rather heated protest last week in New York, several of the protesters were chanting “death to cops”. Well those individuals are probably beaming with joy today in learning that 2 of New York’s finest got the fate the protesters desired. So sad!! I even saw some posts on social media praising the cop killer and saying that justice had been served. If people want to feel that way, fine, but don’t cops lives matter as well too? These 2 cops have families, one was just recently married, and now those families are grieving just before Christmas.

Just last summer, a beloved cop and father of 2 beautiful teenage girls was gunned down just about a mile from here. I posted something at that time indicating my new appreciation for police officers and I will repeat some of the same things. Maybe it is time that we start respect the men and women in blue for what they do for our society. If you listen to those protesters long enough, you might get the impression that all cops are bad and need to be thrown in jail. That is totally nonsense!! Sure there are bad cops and eventually many get fired. I want to scream when I see people posting stupid stuff that white cops are out to kill all blacks. Really? Those are extremely ignorant and quite frankly, racist comments. An overwhelming majority of cops are outstanding officers. They place their lives on the line everyday so we can feel safe and secure. Imagine a world without police officers? We would be like the Wild West. Everyone would be out for themselves. Some parts of the country would be totally unlivable. Imagine what the south side of Chicago would be like?

The fact that, in the wake of the high-profile killings of unarmed men, police work is being heavily scrutinized is very unfortunate. One of these days, nobody will want to be an officer and we will have a serious shortage of officers. It is a dangerous enough job without all the scrutiny. Maybe those protesters ought to walk in a police officers shoes for one day and see what they have to deal with. Just maybe, had those unarmed individuals who lost their lives followed orders, they would still be alive today. How is a cop supposed to know if a gun is real or fake from a distance? Please!! They have a split second to react or else they would be the victim. All of these incidents have a simple common denominator, the victims did not follow police orders.

I encourage those police bashers to stop their hate and learn to appreciate the many good cops out there who do an outstanding job. If was not for them, there would be many more black lives lost. Nobody likes to discuss when an officer saves the live of a citizen. The media in this country just loves to bring up stories of police brutality, especially when a white officer is involved and there is a racial element to the story. For every person who loses their life to a police officer, how many lives are actually saved by officers? Just a thought to ponder. All lives in this country matter and I appreciate the lives of those who protect us courageously everyday.


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