My 2014 Turkey of Year Awards

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of the year again. Thanksgiving, in my opinion, is far more than just another holiday when we sit down with family members and fill our stomachs with loads of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, followed by a nice lengthy nap! It is also a time for remembrance; for those many things in life that we can be thankful for. It is also a great time to honor those individuals who have made complete fools of themselves. In any given year, one does not have to look hard to find a turkey, and I am not talking about those birds that we like to feast on. I am talking about the foolish behavior by many people, especially celebrities. There are always those professional athletes who make complete fools of themselves off the field of play. Let’s not forget the many politicians who say the most idiotic things. Of course, there are many Hollywood actors and actresses and famous singers who always seem to be in the mix for my award as well. I want to thank my committee for all the hard work and dedication that they have put into making this award possible. Special thanks also goes out to the Minneapolis, St. Paul airport officials for finding room so that our climate change activists can land their jets and make it to our ceremony. Before I go any further, I would like to remind people of a few stipulations concerning this award. First of all, the president of the United States is exempt from receiving this award. My committee not only has too much respect for the position, but also is afraid of losing their tax exempt status. Second of all, the author of this blog is also exempt. I simply cannot give my myself this much coveted award no matter how much of a fool I was during the past year, in some cases a big fool! Without any further delay, let’s get on with the proceedings.

I would like to begin by recognizing those individuals who were given serious consideration, but fell just short:

1) AL Sharpton- Naturally, Sharpton jumped to conclusions in the Ferguson case before all the facts came out. Just another high-profile agitator that should just shut his mouth and go away.

2) Richard Sherman- His post game rant after the NFC championship game was totally classless. There is a thing called being a good winner and Sherman was far from being a good winner in his disgusting interview. I thought for a minute that I was watching professional wrestling!

3) Hillary Clinton- Politicians always say stupid things and Clinton is no different. During a speech, Clinton told the audience that corporations do not create jobs. Huh? Really? Corporations do create jobs Mrs. Clinton and plenty of them. Maybe she needs to take a class in Economics 101 before she even considers running for president.

4) Ray Rice- Another NFL thug who got his just due. Engaging in domestic violence is one way of ruining your career, being caught on video tape is a sure way of ruining your career.

5) Adrian Peterson- Whipping a defenseless 4 year-old kid with a stick is totally over the top child discipline. He is lucky not to have a 5 year or longer prison sentence for child abuse.

6) John Kerry- Maybe Kerry has been spending too much time with Al Gore. During a speech to college students this year, Kerry labeled climate change as just a big of a threat to the world as terrorism. Seriously? The threat of terrorism causes me far more worry in everyday life than some claim of climate change.

At this time, I would like to announce the finalists for the award:

1) Dennis Rodman- Rodman sure likes to visit his pal over in North Korea, Kim Jong. North Korea is on our list of terrorist states and Jong is one of the evilest men in the world and a clear enemy of the United States. What is next? Maybe Rodman should visit the ISIS leaders and become pals with them. Or maybe we should just give him a one way ticket out of this country!

2) Jonathon Gruber- I happen to partially agree with Gruber that American voters are stupid, there are certainly many who are. His revelations about Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act might come back to haunt the President when a ruling on the exchanges takes this summer. It is one thing to be devious, but don’t brag about it especially when it pertains to a law affecting 1/6th of the economy.

3) Leonardo DiCaprio- Besides being a famous actor, DiCaprio is also an outspoken environmentalist and a member of Al Gore’s climate change club. He was a guest speaker at this year’s UN climate change summit and has been known to fly around the country in his jet speaking about the threats of climate change. I don’t have a problem with a person being passionate about his or her cause, but please back up your cause by not flying around in a jet! Just another hypocritical climate change activist.

4) Donald Sterling- As many of you can remember, Sterling, the former owner of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers caused quite a stir when he was secretly recorded as saying that he does not want his girlfriend showing up at his games with black guys. Imagine that! There are many black guys around the league and on his team who greatly help pad his fat wallet. The NBA is a league with a very high percentage of black players. Why would an owner insult many of his employees like that! Purely stupid!!

5) Roger Goodell- The commissioner of perhaps the most popular sports league in the world has had his share of mishaps this year. His handling of the Ray Rice situation was downright deplorable. He doesn’t seem to have a clue with how to handle player safety that is increasingly becoming a problem in the league. In Goodell’s own little world, the NFL should become a touch football league. And let’s not forget all the little politically correct crap that is becoming part of the league. Goodell is slowly becoming a pimple on a great league and would be well suited to just resign.

And the grand prize winner is……………………………… Donald Sterling. For the first time in the history of the award, he was the unanimous pick of the committee. Congratulations Mr. Sterling on receiving the trophy along with a huge turkey drumstick. In addition, Mr. Sterling is awarded free tickets to sit with Spike Lee at any Knicks game of his choice. Thanks for coming everyone and see you next year. Hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving.


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