The President’s (King’s ?) unilateral action on immigration reform

Like many good politicians who can sell snow to an Eskimo in the dead of winter, President Obama laid out his case for immigration reform in a 15 minute speech to the nation on Thursday night. He even went as far as bringing up scripture in his speech and constantly stressed his plan was the right thing to do. “How can we possible abandon all those poor children and people who have worked so hard” was a common phrase that I heard far too often in his speech. His plan is certainly one that can be debated, but how can you possible defend his extreme use of executive action in granting short-term amnesty to millions of people who have come to this country illegally? What does this say to the millions of other people in foreign countries who want to come here? What the heck, I will just come here illegally, stay a few years, get bailed out and become a U.S citizen! What incentive will there be for any foreign national to play by the rules when trying to enter this country?

Immigration policy should not be a game of rocket science and controversy like some of these politicians are making it out to be. There are certain guidelines and rules for one to follow if he or she wants to legally work in this country and become a United States citizen. My grandparents did when they came over to the United States and so should every one else. We have rules to follow, yet some people feel like they are above our laws. The fact that there are more than 11 million illegal aliens in this country is very disturbing. That tells me that these so-called rules of ours are not being properly enforced. Imagine if another 10 million people decided that are going to enter the country illegally? How can we possibly support the potential wave of new illegals in? The short answer is we could not. We simply do not have the resources or that many high paying jobs for those people to fully support their families. There are only a finite number of good paying jobs in this country. Now those illegals will be fighting for those jobs along with the people who have actually entered this country legally; that is totally unfair to those who have followed the rules. In addition, most of those illegals are seeking low paying jobs which will only ensure more government benefits to them and their families. Yes, more welfare and food stamp recipients for the tax payers to fund! Sure, there is always the case of some person who the President pointed out during his speech that will achieve greatness, but what percentage of illegals really make it big in this country and do not have to depend on long-term government assistance?

I certainly get the argument that this type of executive action has been done before by other presidents, but never to this degree. This announcement affects millions of people, not just a select group of people. I do not care if the President is a Republican or a Democrat, there is a process for making laws and the President is NOT to make the laws of the land! This is the job of the Senate and the House. Much like the people who illegally enter this country by not following our rules and laws, the President is also not following the rules that were made in the Constitution. Our founding fathers made these laws for separation of powers to prevent a monarchy from happening. They must be rolling in their graves right now when they see how President Obama is making a mockery of the Constitution. Who gave him the right to be king? I seriously question whether this action by president will hold up in a court case. If the President can get away with making a law without Congressional approval, what is stopping him from bypassing Congress on other important issues?

The timing of this action is very strange as well. Why wait until after the elections to act unilaterally on this issue? Furthermore, why was this not acted on during President Obama’s first few years in office when he had a majority in both the House and Senate. If this is such a pressing issue as he claims, why wasn’t a bill passed in his first 2 years in office? It is my belief and many others that immigration reform is strictly about gaining votes in the ever-increasing Hispanic population. Suppose some Republican president gets elected and wants to overturn this law? He would quickly become public enemy number one among Hispanic voters. Much like the Affordable Care Act, this law could have easily been delayed and thought through by the new Congress which will start in a couple of months. Unfortunately, our President did not want to wait and have the new Congress weigh in on the issue. I guess when you are a king, there is nothing to stop you from acting alone.


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