Those diehard football fans

Yesterday, I had some down time in the afternoon so I decided to spend some quality time on my couch watching college football. The scene outside of my living room window would have made an Eskimo jump for joy. The wind was whipping the light snow around and the temperature outside was a balmy? 18 degrees above zero. A nationally televised college football game was taking place some 15 miles away from my home so I just had to tune in and cheer on our local major university. One of the things that really caught my attention was not necessarily the action on the field, but the poor fans who braved those horrible winter elements. I am sure the players had some level of discomfort in playing in those conditions but the fans? Imagine sitting outside for 3 1/2-4 hours in bone-chilling cold? Yet, the stadium was packed with people and I am sure the sales on hot coffee and hot chocolate went through the roof!

The football season for all levels in this country typically lasts from early August until late January. It is one thing to sit in the stands on a balmy September evening when the only discomfort you might experience is some bad hot dog from the concession stands or that occasional bug that might land on your skin. It is a totally different thing to be willing to sit for an extended period time on a cold fall or winter day to support your favorite team. I find it totally amazing at how people still show up for the games and pack the stadiums in that type of weather. Those are the true die-hard fans. In my opinion, if you are really a fan of a particular team, you will go and support your team in any type of conditions. The players have to suffer through those adverse weather conditions, why not the fans? they are all in it together. Many of those fans could take the easy way out and just sit at home and watch the game on television or maybe the internet. But a true fan will show up in any type of weather, cold, heat, rain, wind, snow or ice. The players make adjustments to those conditions and the fans should as well. Just talk to any Green Bay Packers football fan about sitting through a cold weather game. They are pros at how to handle those extreme conditions.

This is the time of year when cold weather starts becoming more of a factor in games at all levels high school, college and pro. Some of the schedule makers who put on these games in cold weather areas at night are rather sadistic!! They seem to think that scheduling a December night game in Green Bay is totally acceptable. But what are the chances that you could get a ticket to any one of the December games? Probably slim to none!! True fans like them are very inspiring to me. For those diehard fans who are willing to sit in sub freezing weather for 3-4 hours just to watch a football game, I totally salute you!!! You are some very brave and tough individuals. In the meantime, wimps like me will just stay home and enjoy the games in the warm comforts of my house where the wind chill factor never goes below 68 degrees.


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