The biggest mistakes

We all tend to make numerous mistakes in our lives. Whether is be spending too much money, not saving enough, buying a bad house, not taking of your body properly, the list is endless. If you ask any adult what their worst mistake might have been in their lives, chances are the answer would point towards a past relationship. I tend to fall into that category. Some of my past relationships with members of the opposite sex are among the poorest choices that I have made in my life. Sometimes I think back to several years ago at how stupid and naïve I was! Fortunately, these mistakes have not affected my life in any long-term way. Unfortunately for many, dating or marrying the wrong person can bring about a permanent scar of lifetime anger and bitterness.

When we are young, we don’t really understand the consequences of dating or marrying someone who is clearly not the right person. We are blind to some of their flaws and think nothing of them. For example, a young Christian woman from a good family may fall for some hell raising guy. This guy may have a huge temper but the gal is lonely inside and wants some male companionship. She is in love with him because he is very charming and good-looking. Sure she knows he has a temper, but she feels she can change him. Shortly after they begin dating, she becomes pregnant and they decide to get married right away. She is forced to drop out of the school and the marriage dissolves quickly. He abuses her and eventually they become divorced. Now she is a single mother and might become emotionally damaged for life. She might never trust another guy for the rest of her life. The emotional abuse that she went through might carry over into any future relationships. In addition, chances are the poor child will grow up without a father in his or her life.

Shortly after I finished college, I dated a woman who was completely not right for me. We met through mutual friends. Like the example I gave, I was very lonely at the time and wanted a girlfriend in the worst way. My old girlfriend was kind of rubbing me in the face with her new boyfriend. I wanted to get back at her and this was a perfect way of doing so. I knew she had some serious flaws but that didn’t matter to me. I had a hot new girlfriend and life was good again, or was it? She was a totally materialistic type of woman. Our relationship started to sour and we got into some heated arguments which I seldom get into with anybody. She insulted me several times and I did my best to hold back from physically attacking her. She eventually broke off our relationship and starting dating another guy. I felt totally awful inside. Why was I so foolish!! Her new boyfriend started to abuse her and they broke up and guess who she started to pursue again? I told her that we could talk again and be friend but that was it. She wanted more and continued to harass and even stalk me. I eventually moved her and she finally found a new guy. I was left with a very bad taste in my mouth over that experience. I worked hard for my education, had a promising career ahead of me and it could have been all ruined by some crazy woman!

Life is all about making good choices and picking your friends and especially your spouse might be among the biggest choices one can ever make. Making the wrong choices can do irreplaceable harm to anyone’s life. Nowadays, I am still not married but my attitude is completely different. I would love to have a nice, caring woman in my life, but even without one, my life is still very happy and enjoyable. The single life is not so bad! What is bad is getting involved in a relationship with Mr. or Mrs. wrong. Life is way too short to go through that type of hell. Beware of that emotion called loneliness. It can cause wipe out any level of common sense and good judgment in a person.


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