Those scumbag American traitors

The fact that there is a radical Islamic group out there bent on destroying America ought to enrage any true American. The recent beheadings of innocent journalists who did ABSOLUTELY nothing to deserve their unfortunate fate is even more proof that this group needs to be destroyed as soon as possible. Seeing images of these beheadings and watching the victims families speak about the loss of their sons makes me even more infuriated towards this radical group of barbaric cowards! What also infuriates me to even a greater degree is the revelation that some Americans are going over to Syria to fight for ISIS. That is totally sickening!!

A couple of weeks ago, a story broke out that an American was killed fighting for ISIS in Syria. The young gentlemen was in his early 30’s and had lived in my area of the country, Minnesota, before moving to California where he converted to Islam. A few other American ISIS fighters have been linked to this area as well- a very comforting thought for many in this area!! Are we living the middle of a hotbed area for ISIS recruiting? In the coming weeks, I am sure there will be more stories of other Americans hitching up with ISIS. Some of these traitors might seem like ordinary citizens of the United States who have been raised here and attended our schools and universities.

If you ask me, I think what these scumbags are doing is the ultimate insult to our great country. We have had many young men and women over the years pay the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy many freedoms and opportunities. Many people around the world are drawn to the United States because of those freedoms and opportunities including many immigrants. Sadly we have some members of our country who feel that our freedoms are evil and we must change to some radical form of Islam. These radicals are trying to take away what so many have worked and sacrificed so hard for so many years to make our country the best in the world.

If someone feels that disgraceful about our country, then get the blank out of our country and don’t let the door hit you in the you know what!!! America has been very good to several of these turncoat jihadists and now they want to turn their backs on us. Fine, then just take your radical views and ideas to some other country. And please don’t come crying to mommy or daddy when some American bomb blows up your home or you get captured by one of our special forces. You turned your back on our country and the fact that you want to destroy and kill innocent American men, women and children makes you a dangerous person who does not deserve to see the light of day! Any American should view these individuals as their enemies who would not think twice about killing you or your family. I don’t care if you are a Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, we can all agree that these jihadists are a serious threat to this country and the fact that some are living here and being recruited by ISIS and other organizations is very alarming.

I know that ISIS is trying to get some of our young men and women to join their organization and cause. The most vulnerable are the poor immigrants from places in the Middle East and Africa. Don’t believe for a second all the nonsense propaganda that ISIS is coming up with. It would not surprise me if ISIS is offering cash to some people to convert and join their group. Their promise of a better way of life is just a big lie. They are just using some of our vulnerable young people to further their cause. Chances are many will have a very low chance of survival if they join one of these jihadists groups like ISIS. If you are not killed by an enemy fighter, then they will probably kill you! I wish that certain Islamic leaders would get the message and truth out to some of these young people who are thinking about joining a jihadist movement. It isn’t as glamorous as the propaganda makes it to be.

Any American caught fighting for ISIS or any other terrorist group that wants to harm America should be expelled from this country period. Their American citizenship should be taken away immediately. If they are an immigrant, they should be deported as soon as possible. Any person who wants to do harm to this country and kill innocent Americans does not deserve to be living here, plain and simple. I might take it a step further, you deserve to either be killed or have a lifetime home in some dark jail cell. Nothing is more degrading to the United States than having a citizen or groups of citizens turn their back against the people of the United States. There is no punishment or fate too harsh for these scumbags!


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