A couple of potential nightmares for the United States

The other day, I had a very sobering thought come to mind that totally scared the crap out of me. Maybe I have been watching too much news on the recent events in Ferguson and the Middle East, but my thoughts could very well be shared by many folks in this country. Whenever a certain news event happens, I usually look at the future ramifications of that event. Suppose for instance that there is a terrorist attack at a mall in some city in the United States. Will this be the beginning of a serious of attacks on Americans? Or perhaps let say that a law gets passed which legalizes a certain controversial drug. Will this lead to other controversial drugs now becoming legal? Maybe it is the just the business guy inside of me, always looking to the future, but I can see where a couple of recent news events regarding the Ferguson protests and the sudden emergence of the terror group ISIS could potentially create some of the worst nightmares ever in the history of this country.

The Ferguson story has been at the forefront of the news for the last few weeks with all of the daily protests on the streets of Ferguson. Slowly, this story is starting to lose some steam, however, when the trial of the cop involved in the shooting of the unarmed starts, you better believe this story and trial will be one of the most publicized trials ever in this country; maybe even greater than the O.J. Simpson trial. Now take a look in the future and suppose the police officer gets acquitted of all charges; the thought of that extremely real possibly makes me a little nervous! The protests that have been going on for the past few weeks will look nothing like the protests that might develop with an acquittal. There could huge protests in many cities all around this country along with a ton of violence. I totally hope and pray this will never happen but it could very well come about. This type of event will further polarize an already divided nation much like what took place in the 60’s and early 70’s. Believe me, not everyone has been or will be on the side of protestors and this could develop into a very ugly situation with much violence in many cities. The fact that social media is so big these days will only fuel the outrage and division. Who wants to experience something like that in this country?

Many people were totally shocked at the recent news and video of an American journalist being beheading by the terror group ISIS. You might say this was their big coming out party. That event really got our attention and maybe the folks in the White House will wake up and take this group seriously! As I wrote in my blog post last week, this terrorist group might be the most ruthless group ever in the history of terrorism. Their agenda is very simple; they want to take over the world and force their radical views on everyone. They are definitely not some JV team that our president likes to call them; they are a serious threat to this country. What really got my attention this week was the sheer diversity of this group. This group of thugs is just not a bunch of radical Middle Eastern grown terrorists. Some come from Britain and what really alarmed me was a report that some have American passports, yes that means that some of their members may be living here in the United States! At this current moment, they could be planning another 9/11 attack. That should be more than enough to get our homeland securities attention. They are out to get us and I strongly believe an attack on American soil by this group is only a matter of time. The big question is to what degree are we going to go to stop this from happening. Our national security is becoming more and more of an issue everyday. No single American is safe from this very evil terrorist group. The fact that another 9/11 is being planned should send shivers up the spine of any American.

Having a divided country will certainly not help us in trying to ward off any attack. These terrorists are probably beaming with joy at seeing our country being ripped apart by these divisions. The ultimate nightmare would be for a number of people from this country to suddenly turn their allegiance to ISIS and vow to help them in totally changing this country. It would be naïve to think that there are not a select few who feel this way. Who is to say that ISIS could promote a little PR thing on the internet promising a much better America for all people? It would certainly appeal to some citizens who are very anti-Christian. Despite all thoughts, I still believe our country will overcome these threats and divisions. Much like in business, we need to see these potential problems before they totally destroy us.


3 thoughts on “A couple of potential nightmares for the United States

  1. One must ask: When Sharptons has great opportunities to “… tap down some of the animosity that’s going on … Maybe … use this for good … Maybe … use this to open a dialog about what’s going on in Detroit and Chicago and New Orleans and Washington, D.C.; some of the most violent cities in the world”, why would he, instead, choose to continue “revving … up” “black behavior” and “attitudes towards the criminal justice system in these neighborhoods”? – http://ebenezerposts.com/ferguson-an-sos-for-americans-of-every-ethnic-descent/

  2. Excellent comments, Gary! I totally agree. Jesse Jackson does the same thing. He was a guest on Fox News Sunday along with Dr. Ben Carson. Jackson continually harped on how blacks are being mistreated by police and so forth. Carson on the other hand went further and talked about how social factors influence these behaviors. The black communities really need more Dr. Ben Carson’s who are actually trying to find solutions.

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