Satan’s army in Iraq

About 70 years ago, a group was formed under the guidance of Adolf Hitler which might of arguably been the most evil group in the history of the world. The Nazis wanted to totally wipe out all Jews and form their own little world in which they were in control. Thousands of innocent men, women and children were slaughtered at the hands of that evil group. It was one of the worst forms of genocide ever in the history of the world. Many have stated that a genocide of this proportion will never again happen in this world. Well, welcome to the new group of modern-day Nazis, the ISIS group in Iraq.

As a Christian, I take it very personally when a certain group tries to attack me or my fellow believers. Thousand of Christians in Iraq are being forced to convert to Islam or face death. Many have been murdered or should I say, slaughtered for simply being a person of Christian faith. Images of children being beheaded, women being raped and kidnapped or men being crucified is enough to really make my blood boil. It should make any person whether they of the Christian faith or not, mad and disgusted! This ISIS group defends their actions by saying their doctrine teaches them that Christian are evil people and must be destroyed. Their goal is to wipe out Christians everywhere, not only in Iraq, but all over the world. In their own utopian view of the world, everyone would follow the same radical Islamic views as they do. Their excuse for killing children is to prevent them from fully getting indoctrinated into Christianity so they can go to heaven. They view the killings as doing the children a favor.

I consider ISIS to be another evil terrorist group who uses religion as justification for their actions. They claim these killings are justified by their God or Allah. The God that I worship is totally different from the God they worship. In fact, I wonder if their God is actually Satan! The God I worship does not advocate killing of innocent children, women and men. The God I worship calls out for peace, loving one another and considers purposely killing an innocent person a grave sin (see the ten commandments). I challenge anyone to pursued me to follow their warped religious views. It is just pure and evil, plain and simple!! They are simply making a mockery of what God is really like.

I find it very sad that so many brave men and women in this country fought so hard and sacrificed so much to bring hope and peace to the people of Iraq only to have some terrorist group taking over city of city. It is hard for me to believe that people in the White House did not see this coming. Our president decided to go against the advice of generals over there by pulling all of the troops and not leaving some behind, a huge mistake in my opinion. If Iraq becomes totally controlled by these thugs, it could have huge implications for the Middle East, the world and the United States. ISIS is like a cancer that will only grow. They are a very dangerous and well-organized terrorist group that will only grown. It would be totally naïve to think that they do not already have people here in this country. We are definitely their main target. They must be stopped NOW before they expand and try to do harm to other nations.

There has been talk about containing this group by using airstrikes. Contain this group? Let’s do more than contain this group, let’s wipe them out for good before it is too late! I shutter to think what the world would be like if this radical group ruled the entire world. Wiping out Christianity will just create a pure evil world that nobody will want to live in. Even if you’re not a person of faith or a Christian, nobody should be forced to adhere to some radical form of religion. Imagine if this group controlled the United States? Our freedoms would go totally out the door. No matter what politic views you may have, we have to agree that ISIS is a threat to this country and the world. They must be stopped right now before it is too late. Adolph Hitler would be proud of these radical thugs.


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