5 personal items that I can’t live without

Several years ago, the transmission on my car went out and I was without a vehicle for a few days. It made me realize how much I actually rely on my car. I live in a major metropolitan area and having a dependable car is pretty crucial for getting around. Many of us have certain personal items that we simply cannot live without. Oh sure, life does not come to a screeching halt if we do have them available. Nothing is so important that we cannot find a substitute for those precious items. Many of us depend heavily on our smartphones in our daily lives, but suppose for a minute that you accidentally dropped your phone in the toilet and it was not operating. What would you do? Many people, especially those under 25, would have a nervous breakdown and require immediate counseling! I would like to share a few personal items that I have a tough time going without.

1. My toothbrush. Imagine a world without toothbrushes? How would we clean our teeth? Trying to visualize a world without toothbrushes sends shivers up my spine!! Imagine talking to someone who has not brushed their teeth in days, ewwww!!! My electric toothbrush is a must thing for my daily hygiene. I totally hate the feeling of having bad breath, food slime on my teeth and poor oral hygiene.

2. My car. As I mentioned above, a car is a very important part of my lifestyle. In fact, it is the most important personal possession that I have. I feel very trapped in my home if I do not have my car. I think we all can relate to how I feel. Just about everyone has experienced a time when that reliable car has suddenly failed and you know how much of a wrench that situation puts you in your life.

3. My smartphone. About a year ago, I bought a fancy smartphone and that thing is like my baby! Interestingly, I use it more for taking photos and accessing the net rather than making phone calls or text messages. It is so convenient have when I am out and about and want some quick info. Remember several years ago when nobody had a smartphone? How did we survive as a society?

4. My microwave. Oh sure Mark, you have a regular oven don’t you? The problem is that it takes way too long to prepare a meal using a regular conventional oven. For busy folks like myself, a microwave is a must. Who has time anymore to stick a meal in the oven and let it cook for an hour? A microwave is very important in our new, busy society.

5. My comb and razor. I decided to lump these together because everyone has certain grooming items that they cannot go without. I have been blessed to have plenty of hair on my scalp and not having a comb available would cause me great emotionally trauma! I have an addiction for looking neat whenever I go out in public. The same applies to razors. Imagine if razors were banned from this world? How would us guys shave? We would all look like a bunch of apes! I have a hard time going a day without shaving.

Those are just a few items that I cannot live without. What are some of yours? Funny how we take many of these personal items for granted. I know I certainly do!


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