The pc police strike again

There are a number of problems facing this nation today. The economy is barely crawling along, Iraqi is turning into our worst nightmare, many people are struggling to make ends meet and the future of our country is very murky at best. You would think that any discussion regarding the nickname of a pro sports team would be at the bottom of the list for things to worry about, yet the issue with the Washington Redskins name is garnering all of the headlines. How sad!!!

The pro football team in Washington has been called the Redskins since the 1930’s. For years, nobody has had any issues with the nickname Redskins. They are one of the oldest franchises in pro football and have a very rich tradition. Now, all of sudden in this world of increasing political correctness, the name Redskins is deemed offensive and racist by a few select people. I am sorry but I have a very hard time understanding why the nickname Redskins is so offensive. The majority of Indians in this country do not find it offensive so why is there such a fuss over this name?

My favorite NFL team is the Minnesota Vikings. Funny, but nobody is calling on them to change their nickname. After all, they are named after a group of people. Or how about the Green Bay Packers? The New England Patriots? The San Francisco 49ers? A number of college teams have Indian nicknames. The team who won the college football championship is named the Seminoles. Where is the fuss over their name? If we are going to make such an issue over a team’s name, then let’s be consistent with all teams and see how far that gets us!

There are a number of product names in this world that I find offensive, but I roll with it and accept the fact all things and names cannot please everyone. If I don’t like the name of a team or a product’s name is offensive to me, I will simply ignore the product. It is part of living in a free society. The things that those over-sensitive pc find perfectly acceptable in today’s word, are often things I find troubling and offensive. They seem to get pretty quiet when some controversial book title or television show comes up which is very degrading to families and children. However, when a small thing like a team’s nickname is being discussed, that is when they tend to become the loudest and most vocal.

I find it interesting that these pc police tend to become the most vocal when a minority name comes up such as the case with the Redskins name. If the name had to do with a group of majorities, not a word would get mentioned. Nobody would raise a stink if the Redskins name was the Vikings. In my opinion, this is just another con game by certain liberal groups to further their agenda of minority mistreatment in this country. It is a ridiculous game of getting the public to feel sorry for these minorities and having more people on their side. In this Redskins case, they have failed miserably. A majority of people, including this blogger, are against having the Redskins being forced to change their name. I think the claim that the name Redskins is racist is totally ridiculous.

If these loony liberals want a name change, then they are more than welcome to buy the team themselves. Funny. but I don’t see too many of them offering to buy the team! This whole story is utter nonsense and I hope people wake up and realize what these pc police are trying to accomplish here. If they succeed, who knows what their next target will be. I find their cause to be very frivolous at best. They are just after our freedoms and need to be stopped. There are far more important things to worry about in this world today. Going after a team’s name is not one of them.


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