The shameful VA scandal

Many of our veterans have paid an enormous price in fighting for our freedoms. Those brave men and women who survive their tour of duty often have to deal with physical and emotional trauma that will last a lifetime. The number of dead is often mentioned when discussing war casualties, however, the number of injured with those physical and emotional problems paints a larger picture of the high cost of war. You would figure that the least we could do for those, who make such a huge sacrifice for our country, is to give them the best possible medical care available. That is why the revelations of many problems with the VA hospitals is so shameful and a serious black eye to our country. Our veterans do not deserve to be treated like that.

Several veterans have been forced to be on a waiting list for months before they receive any type of treatment. It does not take to rocket scientist to realize that this is way to long, especially considering the magnitude of some of the veterans problems. Sadly, a few of our service people have committed suicide because they could not get the proper care in time. Others have developed serious complications from their injuries and a few have died, all because they were forced to wait for months before they could get the proper treatment. Maybe this scandal might just be a blessing in disguise to expose government run facilities across the country and the amount of bureaucracy and non-accountability that plagues many of these places.

Imagine if these scandals happened at a major hospital or health care provider? Heads would roll and many pink slips would be handed out; but being this is a government run program, everything gets swept under the rug in an effort to protect the workers and help them achieve their bonuses. That is just not right and fair!! Our hard earned tax money goes to help fund these places and to pay the staff and as a tax payer, I demand some accountability from the people who run these places. A full fledged investigation into this scandal is a MUST!! Any politician, Republican or Democrat should demand it!!

There are those out there want more VA facilities to be built across the country so the waiting list problem will go away, at least that is what they think will happen. That is totally ridiculous in my view. Sure, lets just throw more tax money at an inefficient government program. I highly doubt that would solve anything. It would just create more government bureaucracies and red tape for our veterans. A better idea is to figure out a plan to get veterans access to the many private hospitals across our country. A private hospital or provider is far more efficient than some government run center.

Our veterans who need attention deserve far more than having to wait months and deal with all that government red tape. This scandal is just another of a long list of inefficient government agencies who cannot do the job anywhere close to what a private agency can do. I shutter to think that this might be a coming example of what Obamacare might look like. And sadly, I might be right. It is time to properly help our service men and women the right way. It is the very least any politician can do to help our real heroes.


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