The real war on women

Every once in a while, I turn on the news and hear somebody talk about this so-called “war on women” here in the United States. Democrats and many liberal politicians love to ram home the idea that women are not being treated well and with equality. If you are against abortion, then you are thought of as someone who is against women’s rights. Or you might be against having to pay more for your health insurance because some elected official wants birth control pills to be mandated in health insurance coverage. Once again, you are deemed to be against the women’s rights. Political figures do this just to pick up much-needed votes in their runs for office. They like to tug away at half the voting population with emotional issues in order to elected. “If you vote for my opponent, he or she will set back women 100 years” is a phrase that I often hear in campaign speeches. But the truth about all of this talk is that women are treated far better in this country than nearly every country in the world.

If you are a female, how would you like to live in the Sudan or some Islamic country right now? Imagine having to live under Sharia law? You basically have very little or no rights at all. You are thought of as a second class citizen and often treated that way. The recent capture of those 300 school girls has really brought Sharia law into light. Those girls were not supposed to be going to school. No! They were supposed to be at home doing chores. That is just a small example of what Sharia law can bring about. Another example is the very strict dress code. Women must cover up most of their skin when out in public or face prosecution. They are rules for whom they can hang out with in public as well. And forget about any type of religious freedom or tolerance. If you are a Christian, like many of those school girls are, you must convert to Islam or face death. The few injustices that women might face in this country pale in comparison to how women in those countries are treated.

I find it amazing the amount of apathy by liberal groups in this country over that type of treatment. Many of those same people who spend countless hours and time fighting for women’s rights in this country are very quiet when the topic of Sharia Law is brought up. Where is the outrage? Perhaps these groups do not want to offend Muslims so they keep quiet. The truth is. everyone should be totally outraged over what is going on in some of those countries. It doesn’t matter what political side you are on. Basic human rights are being denied. Nobody deserves to be treated like those poor women.

We are very fortunate to be living in a country where women do have many rights and are generally treated fairly. Imagine if this country ever got to the point where Sharia Law became the law of the land? Don’t laugh, it could happen some day. I think people just assume the people we elect are going to keep our freedoms but that could change. I already see a decline in freedom of speech and religion in this country. If we are not careful, more freedoms will be taken away that affect us all, not just women. In my view, the real war on women is being conducted by those radical Islamic groups, not by the Republican party!


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