The prayer in public meetings debate

There has been a lot of discussion and debate during the past week of a Supreme Court’s decision to allow prayer before a council meeting in Greece, New York. A couple of women in the town had sued in an effort to prevent prayers from taking place before meetings. It has been a long tradition for many city councils across this country to conduct prayers before meetings. All of a sudden, this right of doing so is under attack by some who feel the need to eliminate any mention of the word God or any practice of religion from our society. Thankfully, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the town, but this issue is far from being settled for good.

This country was founded and formed on Christian values. Christianity is, by a large majority, the most practiced religion in this country and has been for many years. There are many people of the Christian faith who depend upon prayer for guiding them in crucial decisions and discussions on public policy. It is totally unthinkable to that in this great country, that right to express your religious freedom is suddenly an issue. A few years ago, these groups and people tried to take away prayer in schools, now they are after any type of public prayer. There is no doubt in my mind that they will not be happy until all acts of faith in any public setting are totally eliminated and against the law. Watch out people, the anti-faith police are on the move and wanting to take away one of the most basic freedoms there is in this country!

How exactly are those people who are suing the city being hurt? While it is a great thing in this country to be able to express your faith (or it used to be!), it is also great thing that you have a right NOT to participate in a religious act of faith. Nobody is going to put a gun to your head and force you to prayer with them. You have the right to not participate and even walk out if you chose. This is not some rogue nation where you are forced to perform prayer of you will be thrown in jail or even killed. Nobody is trying to force their type of religion on you unless you chose to let them.

The right to praying in any setting should be respected in this country from everyone, even those who are not people of faith. Praying before meetings has been a long standing tradition in this nation and this tradition should not be tampered with just because a few select people have a problem with it. If a person is affected so deeply by hearing a prayer in a public place that they spend all sorts of time and energy to have it stopped, then they seem to have a much deeper agenda than stopping prayers before a public meeting. They are out to attack our religious freedoms and that is just not right! They need to be stopped and kudos to the Supreme Court for their ruling the Greece, New York case.


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