The great missing plane mystery

Sometimes a news story occurs which totally baffles the mind and leaves you scratching your head. You anxiously await for further developments to get a better understanding of what is exactly going on. Such is the case with this incredible story about the missing Malaysian plane. There seems to be so few facts about the story and everyone is coming up with their own theories about what happened. Was it hi-jacked? Perhaps there was a mechanical problem on the plane. I even heard one ridiculous theory that some aliens took over the plane. Regardless, I have never heard of a more bizarre story in my entire life. If you are a lover of mystery stories, this one certainly will wet your appetite. We are all anxiously awaiting breaking news for more developments.

Like many folks, I have several questions about what exactly took place, but the following are my main ones.

1. In this world of high-tech satellites and GPS systems, why can’t they locate the exact location of the plane? I am by far no expert on those type of things, but it would seem to me that the black box of the plane could give out some kind of signal indicating its location. Is there not some type of GPS system on these modern-day planes that could give out information as to the plane’s exact whereabouts? It is hard for me to believe that no satellite could have picked up the final landing or crash of the plane. We have satellites which can pick up a dog hair on the ground; surely they could spot a large jet.

2. It’s very hard for me to believe some type of mechanical problem took place and caused the plane to crash or go off course like it did. The missing plane has a nearly spotless record of defects. I know many people are of the belief that the plane encountered some sort of mechanical problems during its flight and therefore crashed, but given the safety record of the plane, I find this theory very hard to believe.

3. If this was indeed a work of a terrorist, why has not some group or organization come forward and claim responsibility? Most terrorist organizations thrive for the attention after committing some heinous act of terror. They want their cause and message to be sent around the world to intimidate people. I would tend to believe that some organization would have claimed responsibility by now.

4. Why was the Malaysian government so tight-lipped about this event for the first few days? Only in the past few day have we gotten more information on this story. That is because American authorities have joined the search. Why was this not done initially? A case of missing plane of this magnitude should have the best resources available right from the start and no information withheld.

My theory about what took place is similar to most people’s. It has to be some sort of terrorist act of an organization or just a single individual with an axe to grind. The facts seem to point towards that theory. First all, why was the communication box turned off in mid-flight? Furthermore, the plane’s flight shifted in direction and changed altitude many times. In my mind, this indicates some sort of sabotage. It is hard for me to believe the plane actually landed safely somewhere. It may take days but eventually a clue as to where the plane crashed will emerge. And hopefully,some type of closure will be brought to this story.

You really have to feel for the families of those missing on the plane. Imagine if one of your love ones were on the plane and you are not sure if they are dead or alive. The emotional rollercoaster those poor folks are going through is unimaginable. Our thoughts and prayers really have to go out to the families of those missing on the plane. It would be an awesome miracle if they found the plane and everyone was found alive. I find that scenario very unlikely though. It appears this missing plane is another example of the evil that exists in this world. I hope I am completely wrong about my theory. I just hope some closure can soon be brought to this bizarre story. Stay tuned for more details. This story might be the greatest mystery of our lifetime.



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