A difficult winter to endure

You know how you feel when that annoying relative or family member overstays his or her’s welcome at your house. Maybe you invite them over for dinner and they leave 4 hours after everyone else leaves. Of course, they need time to state their views on how they will fix all the problems in the world!! Finally, they leave and you feel a sense of relieve and peace not to mention your ears!! I feel the same way about winter weather. After awhile, usually in mid February, I want to show winter the door, but old man winter still has much life left. This is especially the case for many folks in this country including the region where I live.

Here in Minnesota, we have had one of the coldest winters in about 30 years. We have had nearly a record number of low temperatures below zero. On top of that, our snow fall total is above average and we still have our snowiest month ahead in March. Schools have closed several times because of the cold. The other day, we got a big snow storm which basically crippled my city and made driving or getting anywhere nearly impossible. To add insult to injury, our favorite pal, polar vortex is coming to town this week. We are looking forward to more cold and well below temperatures. In fact, several regions around the country have experienced a good old hardy winter as well. Just ask those poor folks down south. I will never forget the traffic scene from Atlanta with all those cars stuck on the freeway.

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, when is this going to end? When is this cold weather and snow going to finally end? Here it is late February and we are still in the deep freeze. I thought this was not suppose to happen according to those global warming and environmental wackos? You can convince only a handful of people around here that global warming or climate change really exists. Heck, I could definitely go for some global warming right now!! I just want to go outside and experience the some warm rays of sun beating down on me.

Like many hardships in life, this winter will pass and warmer, more pleasant weather will arrive. Of course, we will probably complain just as loud in the summer when it is very hot and humid. I for one will not. I dream of those summer days at the beach and those pleasant, sunny evenings on the golf course. That is how I survive these brutal winters. I just sit back and think about all those warm weather fun things that I enjoy. In the meantime, I just wish that uncle winter would finally leave the party. Your visit is way too long. It is time for my favorite aunt, spring to arrive.






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