Nice alternatives to the same old televised sports

If you are a sports fan like myself, chances are that you probably spend a great deal in front of the tube watching several sporting events during the week. That is what us sports fans do. We do not spend time on Sunday afternoons in the fall watching reruns of Big Bang Theory or 30 Rock. Our day is donated to football period!! Nothing else matters to us. Outside of football, many of us watch basketball and believe me, television has way too many basketball games, especially college basketball. Of course, you have baseball to watch but what about curling? Or speed skating? bobsledding? How about hockey? How many of you people out there who call yourselves big sports enthusiasts are willing to sit down and watch those Winter Olympic sports? I actually have and quite frankly, have greatly enjoyed watching sports that do not always get the attention that normal mainstream sports like football and basketball get.

It takes a very special occasion to get this blogger out of bed at 6:30am on a cold, dreary Saturday morning, a day off for me. While most of my fellow Americans were sound asleep in bed, I got up early so I could watch the USA, Russia Olympic hockey game. I am somewhat of a lukewarm hockey fan; not exactly my favorite sport,but enough to get me out of bed to watch an important game. I made some breakfast and watched a totally thrilling game that kept me on the edge of my recliner all morning long. Our country prevailed in an overtime shootout that totally frazzled my nerves. It was one of the best games or events I had seen in many months. Forget about having that morning cup of coffee to help wake me up. The tension from that game was enough to wake me up and keep me up for hours. My decision to wake up early and watch the game was well worth it.

Besides hockey, I have enjoyed many other Winter Olympic sports. I very seldom watch any skiing but found myself glued to the television during the competition. The balance and speed that those athletes generate was phenomenal! I know very little about the sport but learned a lot from the outstanding broadcast. Besides the competition, the scenery was absolutely spectacular with the mountain backdrop and sun. Those things only added to my viewing enjoyment. Another sport that I enjoyed watching was the speed skating. Track and field has always been a passion of mine so speed skating would naturally fit in.

Some of the sports are somewhat difficult for me to get excited about but I still find myself watching. Figure skating is not exactly tops on my viewing list, but the more I watched, the more I enjoyed. The athletic ability of those skaters is just amazing. Those competitors are more than just a bunch of pretty people who are all dressed up. They have very good athletic ability as well. Curling is another sport which I have a hard time getting fired up for. It seems to be one of those sports that is much enjoyable to play than watch. I would love to curl sometime but watching it seems to be rather boring. Maybe if I was more involved and knew more about the sport, it would be more exciting.

The thing to me that is really fascinating about watching the Olympics is that it is a one shot deal for many of the athletes. All of them have trained for so long and now, they have that one shot at glory. In other sports, if you lose or have a bad game, you get another chances within the week. In the Olympics, that is very seldom the case. It is very heartbreaking to see some athlete train hard for hours a day and then lose out because they slipped or had a bad start to a race. On the flip side, it is always thrilling and inspiring to watch some athlete overcome some big obstacle to win a medal. Sometimes, I don’t even care if they are not from the United States. Those stories always make for good television viewing.

The Winter Olympic games will be over with in one week from today. I challenge anyone who considers themselves a sports fan to consider turning the channel from some meaningless college basketball game to the Winter Olympics. I have found myself not wanting to switch back to the normal old games. When you have national pride at stake and once in a lifetime athletes competing for their dreams of winning medals, the games should take precedent over other sports on television. I got somewhat hooked and you should too. Of course, if those curling finals are on at 6:30am, I might have a hard time getting out of bed to watch!!





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