A rather embarrassing Valentine’s Day for a guy

There were probably millions of very special women in this country who received flowers yesterday at their workplace. I know at my place of employment, a few lucky ladies were the beneficiaries of flowers sent to them by their husband or boyfriend. Each each one of them had to feel really good inside and they certainly did not hesitate to show off their beautiful flowers so everyone could see. I am sure their partners will probably get a little extra loving later on!! Women flat-out love getting flowers at work but what about guys? Very seldom do you ever hear about guys getting flowers at work. I mean seriously!! Unfortunately, I was one of those guys who did on Valentine’s Day 2008.

A few months earlier, I happened to meet a woman on one of those social networking sites. We exchanged a few emails at first and that led to a few phone and instant messaging conversations. She lives on the West Coast and I live in the Midwest so seeing her in person was going to be difficult. Nevertheless, I enjoyed talking to her and getting to know her. I felt sorry for her because she had lived a hard and difficult life. She lost her husband in a car accident on Christmas Eve about 4 years before we met. She no doubt had a lot of loneliness inside of her. I seemed to fill a big void in her life and she mentioned to me several times what I great friend I was. The distance between us probably prevented us from seeing each other more often and seeing if our friendship could develop into something more, which probably would not have happened.

On Valentine’s Day 2008, it was a calm, quiet morning at my workplace. A few women at my workplace received flowers and people were chit chatting about Valentine’s Day and plans for that evening. Several people were lounging around the cubicle of one of my female co-workers, who received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her husband. Suddenly out of nowhere, a member of our shipping department came up to my work cubicle with a bouquet of flowers and some heart-shaped balloons. These are for you, Mark. Surely there must be a mistake!! The attention of our entire floor shifted over to my cubicle. OMG!!! I was so totally embarrassed. My face was probably 10 shades of red!! My buddies really started to razz me big time!! I just wanted to disappear through a hole in the floor. Here I was sitting at my cubicle with a big bouquet of flowers. Yes, this macho guy got flowers at work!! I would rather be caught wearing pink pants!!

In her note, my friend was very appreciative of me listening to her and being a good friend. I had mixed feelings at that point. Part of me wanted to kill her and part of me wanted to give her a big hug!! People were extremely curious about his mystery woman who sent me flowers. Nobody believed that she was just my friend. Eventually, my shift ended and it was time to take the flowers and balloons home. It was the very first time that I had ever received flowers in my life. How long would the flowers keep? What am I going to do with this huge base? Being a guy, these stupid questions kept going through my mind.

I still maintain some contact with her now. We talk every once in a while. She is seeing other people and I am very happy for her. I reminded her of that little episode yesterday during a text message exchange and we both laughed. I just hope she doesn’t send other guys flowers at their workplace. Maybe I am totally wrong but I find it hard to believe that guys like getting flowers send to them. Maybe a huge plate of hot chicken wings but flowers? I still have nightmares about that Valentine’s Day 6 years ago. My macho image took a huge hit that day!


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