Why Sochi?

Quite often in life, you have to wonder what drives people, organizations or committees to make certain decisions. I am always curious to know why city A is picked to host the Olympics while cities B, C and D are left out. What criteria does the Olympic committee use to determine who hosts the Olympics? My curiosity has really increased after hearing some of the problems that Sochi is having with hosting the games. Why did the Olympic committee pick Sochi over several other cities?

The region where the games are being held has long been a hot bed for terrorism. I am sure that some of those terrorists are just waiting for the right opportunity to strike and disturb the games. What greater way to bring attention to your cause than to create problems with the whole world watching. I am sure that some of those Islamic terrorists will do anything in their power to wreak havoc. All it will take is one slip up by security to turn the games into another Munich nightmare. I often wonder how secure the athletes and the fans are over there. Sure terrorism can happen anyplace in the world, but this place has never been an ideal safe spot to visit for anybody. Did the Olympic committee even consider this possibility when selecting Sochi with terrorists lurking only 200 miles away? I would think that there are several cities around the world which are much safer than Sochi, and the athletes and spectators can feel a little more at ease. It just doesn’t seem like a great idea to hold the Olympics in such an unsafe part of the world.

Besides the issues with security, there have been numerous reports of bad and unsafe drinking water at the hotels. My stomach nearly churned when I saw pictures of glasses with brown water!! Some of the water is not even safe to wash your face with!! What is the deal with that? I thought staying at one of those overpriced chain motels was bad enough!! At least I can take a shower with clean water!. And lets not forget the issue with the bathrooms and the toilet paper; asking not to  flush toilet paper and putting it some container? Ewwww!! Come on!! this is the 21st century. I thought they did that kind of stuff in the 15th century? There have been reports of people getting hacked while online and being spied upon in the shower. I hate to ask what the food is like in some of those hotels. Hopefully the bugs are kept to a minimum in some of those meals. If your going to spend that kind of money to host the Olympics, the least you can do is give the athletes and visitors some decent living conditions. From the reports that I am hearing, that is far from the case. I would not expect to be staying some swanky hotel but please, give me some good clean drinking water and the ability to have good clean water to shower. I could care less if someone is spying on me, just give me non-dangerous water that will not harm my face. Once again, did the Olympic committee consider some of these issues with housing before making a decision? It is a travesty that athletes and visitors have to be subjected to those kind of living conditions.

I have been hearing about problems with warm weather and how it is affecting snow or should lack of it. Then I hear that Sochi is not exactly a cold weather area after all. One would think that a host city for the winter Olympics would have sub freezing highs to help the snow conditions. It makes about as much sense as having a city like San Francisco host the winter Olympics. Why a city in a cooler region was not selected is puzzling to me. Perhaps it is not as big of an issue as it seems, but I cannot believe that the warmer weather would not have any effect on the skiing and outdoor events.

I am hoping and praying that the Olympics will be a total success for the city of Sochi and the people of the region but I have deep concerns about the area and the safety and well being of the athletes and visitors. It is very puzzling to me as to why the Olympic committee would chose a risky city such as Sochi over safer, more convenient locations. I am sure there are a lot of people in that committee who are sweating heavily during the next few weeks in fear that something might happen. It would be a serious black eye to the Olympics and Russia is another Munich happened. I just hope the committee does not consider Kabul, Afghanistan or Baghdad, Iraq for future Olympic sites.


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