Thoughts on the Super Bowl and a bold prediction

I don’t know if it is just me, but I get the sense that this Super Bowl is more than just a battle between the top defensive team in the league, Seattle, versus one of the best offenses ever in the NFL, the Denver Broncos. It seems this game is more like a battle between the good guys versus the bad guys; somewhat like those pro wrestling bouts where there is a good character, who all the fans adore, versus the villain, who is much hated by the fans. The good guy in this wrestling match is the Denver Broncos and the villain is the Seattle Seahawks. You have the much adored quarterback of the Broncos, Peyton Manning going up against the hated, loud-mouth cocky villain named Richard Sherman.

In my own scientific poll, I have yet to come across anyone who will be cheering for the Seahawks. Maybe I am wrong but it seems as though the Denver Broncos are America’s choice to win the Super Bowl. After all, how can you not cheer for Peyton Manning in this game? The man went so through adversity to come back and perform at such a high level. A Super Bowl would only put the icing on the cake to a stunning comeback. Manning is one of the good athletes in pro sports and it is hard not to cheer for a guy like him. On the flip side, you have Richard Sherman, who in just about 30 seconds, turned many Americans against his team with his disgusting self-centered interview after the NFL championship game. I find it very hard to even consider rooting for some cocky player like Sherman. I hope Manning and his receivers make him look really bad. If it was not for Sherman, I might have been cheering for the Seahawks since they have never won a Super Bowl.

Trying to pick a winner for this game is indeed a very difficult task. Neither team really has a huge advantage in this game. Seattle has the type of team which is made to beat Denver, a very strong secondary and a good running game. If Marshawn Lynch can have a huge game, I believe Seattle will definitely win the game. I think their offense is just as important in this game as their defense in stopping Peyton Manning and the high-powered offense of Denver. Seattle needs to win the control the time of possession and keep Denver’s offense off the field. They also cannot afford to turn the ball over as well. In my opinion, I think Seattle’s offense more than anything will determine their fate. If they struggle and fail to pick up first downs, it could be a long afternoon for the Sea Chickens. Sure Seattle has a great defense but I don’t believe they will totally shut down Denver’s great offense. Denver has just too many good receivers and an elite, smart quarterback. That is why I think it is crucial for Seattle to control the clock and keep Denver’s offensive possessions to a minimum.

Before I make a bold prediction, I must warn everyone about my awful record of past predictions. It is hovering somewhere around 25 percent. So don’t take my word when placing a bet on this game. If you must, proceed with caution!! I was 0-2 in the conference championship games. Well maybe I am due for a change!! I like Denver to come out on top in this game 33-27 in the first overtime game in Super Bowl history. The game will really boil down on the quarterback play and Denver really has big advantage at that position. I also look for a less heralded player like an Eric Decker to win the MVP. Oh, and the halftime show with Bruno Mars will be fantastic and of course, those commercials will be as corny as ever although I heard there was supposed to be a great dog commercial. Those are always my favorites!! I hope everyone enjoys the game and good luck to the fans of the teams. I think it will be a classic game for the ages.




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