Another knucklehead pro athlete

The other night after the thrilling NFC championship game, I thought that I had accidentally turned to watch the WWE RAW pro wrestling show. On my television screen was some over-hyped football player yelling and humbling stating that he is the best cornerback in the league. He also took time to trash the man he was covering and calling him a very sorry receiver. It was a moment that would make Vince McMahon proud; totally vintage pro wrestling talk!! I double checked the channel and yes, I was on the same channel as the game; perhaps there was a post game title bout coming up or something. Nevertheless, the Richard Sherman interview was one of the more shocking post game interviews that I have ever seen and quite frankly, the most disgusting for several reasons.

There are always those athletes who will make excuses after a loss and act like a bunch of sore losers. Sherman demonstrated how to be a totally bad winner. Just who gives him the right to declare himself the best at his position in the game? That is one of the most arrogant statements that I have heard any athlete make during an interview. I don’t go around my company and tell everyone that I am the best at my position. I let my co-workers and managers speak for me. The same should apply to any athlete. If you are really good, let your play do the talking for you, not your mouth. If you have to go around and remind everyone how good you are, you sound very insecure in your own talents.

Dishing your opponent like Sherman did was totally classless and reeks of poor sportsmanship. Yes, I understand that he may have had a little feud going with the other player but rise above that! Show some respect for your opponent. A real champion wins with class and graciousness. Sherman showed little regard for his opponent when he called the player he was defending “A sorry receiver”.

Finally, the focus of Sherman’s comments should have been on his team. Instead, the interview was all about himself and his feud with the receiver. I know that may sound a little boring to some folks but football is a team effort and your success is largely dictated by how well your teammates play in front of you. I don’t know if Sherman realizes how important his defensive line is to his success. If he played with a mediocre line, he might have given up that last touchdown. Why rant and rave about your own personal agenda  during the interview? Lost in all this talk in the interview was the great game that Seattle played and their opportunity to win the Super Bowl. It is extremely sad and disappointing to see one guy get some much attention. So many of Sherman’s  teammates fought hard for the victory and their efforts are totally overshadowed by his stupid, classless remarks and actions.

I find it rather appalling that some people are actually defending this guy. Some people have said that they enjoyed his comments as opposed to the normal boring cliche interviews. Sorry but I would rather hear the boring cliches that actually gives praise to his teammates. If you want to hear shocking, distasteful interviews, watch the WWE or pro wrestling. One idiot sports talk host here in the Twin Cities even suggested that Sherman used this as a way to market himself and make more money. Really? Would you want Sherman to endorse your product? Get real!!

Richard Sherman is no doubt a great football player. He has come a long ways after being passed over by several teams in the draft. I think he was the 156th player selected. You have to admire an athlete like him who probably worked his tail off to get where he is at. But the attitude and arrogance has got to go. The same holds true of other loud mouth athletes; there are several in the NFL. There are several great players in the league just waiting to humble you. I did not have a real strong preference on which team to root for in the Super Bowl until I saw the interview. How can anyone root for someone who shoots his mouth off like that? A majority of the fans in this country feel the same way. I hope that Peyton Manning serves up a big dose of humble pie to Richard Sherman on Super Bowl Sunday. He is very deserving of that nice treat!!



2 thoughts on “Another knucklehead pro athlete

  1. Thanks! I enjoyed reading your post as well. Definitely a different take than most people have on Sherman. Thanks for sharing!

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