Thoughts on the Chris Christie bridgegate scandal

Well, what a shock!! Another scandal involving a politician? Say it isn’t so!! The 2016 presidential election is still a long ways away, just under 4 years, and already, an event has occurred which could have major implications on the race. This bridgegate scandal is almost certain to not go away anytime soon, and is will be a thorn in Governor Chis Christie’s side for months. The big million dollar question is what role did Christie play in this and how much did he actually know. If it is found that Christie did have some knowledge of this situation and had some role in closing the lanes of that bridge to punish a political rival, he should resign immediately and never consider running for any political office ever again. No politician should ever use their power and authority for that reason. That is extremely selfish of an elected official to impact the lives of thousands of people for just pure political purposes. These people are YOUR BOSSES who helped elect you.

If you a Hillary Clinton supporter or liberal, you have to beaming with excitement. It is widely believed that Christie is the leading Republican nominee for 2016. He is a very well know name who would definitely give the Republicans their best shot at taking over the White House. At the current time, I don’t know of any other Republican who could beat Clinton. That thought should be troubling for Americans because after 8 years of Obama, do we need another liberal politician in the White House? What exactly makes Clinton so special besides her name and gender? The Republicans need to counter with another big name and Christie seemed to fit the bill.

If you want to tar and feather Christie over this scandal, fine. He certainly deserves the scrutiny. But let’s not create a double standard here and let Clinton off the hook. Remember Benghazi? Speaking of coverups!! Of course, “What difference does it make” is a phrase that will haunt Clinton as well in 2016. Here we have 4 dead Americans, 2 of which died heroically and she comes out and disrespects the dead and the victim’s families. It does make a difference to these families who just want to know some answers. I find Clinton’s response to this whole Benghazi scandal rather troublesome as well as her claim that the attacks were caused by some video. Really? You are the Secretary of State and you claim these things? I find it hard to believe that Clinton did not know more than she admits. To me, that scandal is even more serious than this bridgegate one.

The best thing to do right now for Christie is just be honest with people and the investigation. It was refreshing to see him quickly take action and fire some people right off the bat. He did not seem to sugarcoat anything during his press conference. I think he did a decent job of some damage control but much remains. Certainly more to this story remains and I wonder how much of the truth is going to come out in this investigation. Are people going to hide the truth in an effort to help Christie in his White House bid? Is the media going to go after him and tarnish his reputation because after all, he is a Republican! A lot of questions remain but as a voter in this country, I want good honest answers to this scandal. That seems to be missing in other scandals.


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