Global warming? hits again

You know, sometimes you don’t always have to turn on your favorite comedy show to get a good laugh. Such as the case with me the other morning. I very hesitantly got out of my warm bed and turned on the television to catch the morning news. The news report started with the weather guy, never a good sign!!. He was warning people about a dangerous wind chill and to take this cold weather seriously. The next story really gave me a good early morning laugh. It was actually a very serious story that thankfully seems to be having a happy ending but I really laughed at how ironic it was. You may have heard of the ship that got stuck in the ice near the Antarctica. Apparently, a bunch of climate change scientists were aboard that ship and they no doubt were trying to take pictures to further prove their point about global warming. Funny but the ice has actually gotten thicker in that region. Sadly, their rescue ship also got stuck in the thick ice. I sense there was a false sense of security among the crew about the ice thickness. Surely global warming has made it a lot thinner and easier to pass through, right? It appears the stranded people are in good spirits and their rescue appears imminent. Nobody appears to be in any danger except for those who will have a nervous breakdown over the use of fossil fuel from the rescue helicopters.

My laughter did not stop there; I went outside and made a mad dash to retrieve my newspaper, in the process setting my own personal 40 yard dash record!! After my hands were thawed out from the cold, I opened up the paper and came across a letter in the opinion section. Some local lady had written about global warming and was lecturing readers like myself about how the earth was burning up because of our poor habits. Oh really!! The timing of that letter could not have been any worse! Here I am freezing my you know what off and I got somebody lecturing me on global warming!! I almost felt like tracking down this women and inviting her to go ice fishing with me!!

As many people already know, we are in the midst of an unprecedented cold snap with dangerous, life threatening weather. This is especially the case here in Minnesota. Temperatures tonight here are supposed to be nearly 25 below zero with strong winds, a very dangerous combination. Schools are being canceled, people are being advised to stay in and so forth. It is the coldest stretch of weather that we have had in nearly 20 years. The month of December was one of the coldest on record. Our spring was also one of the coldest on record with snow in late April.

If global warming is such an issue, I am completely not buying it. The earth has not warmed in the last 15 years despite an increase in CO2 emissions from human activity. There is absolutely no clear-cut evidence anywhere to suggest that global warming is indeed happening, yet many people fall into the trap of believing this nonsense. Politicians and environmentalists want many new, unnecessary taxes and regulations put into place that will affect how we live our lives. We are not allowed to drive over so many miles, plants and businesses are forced into new taxes that will surely affect the economy and so on. The more I study this issue, the more I am convinced that this is one of the biggest hoaxes of the century. Don’t get me wrong, we are to be good stewards of what God has provided for us but to control people’s unnecessarily with for the pure purpose of power and political gain is just not  right.

Perhaps we can reward those people who are stranded in the Antarctica with a free all-expense trip to a place in northern Minnesota during the month of January. After all, with this global warming, that part of the country is supposed to have nice pleasant winter weather now, right? Perhaps they can even have their global warming conventions set up on a frozen lake next to where they test car batteries during the winter. Global warming? Maybe we need to worry about global cooling! I was hoping to visit my travel agent tomorrow so I can get out of this deep freeze and go to some warm weather location. But will my car start?


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