Thoughts on the Duck Dynasty controversy

Well, chalk one up for political correctness! A few days ago, a popular member of a very successful cable television show got suspended indefinitely for remarks he made to GQ magazine. When I first heard of the suspension, I assumed the person at the center of the controversy, Phil Robertson had uttered some very offensive homophobic words and therefore, he was being punished; after all, he seems to have a redneck, good old boy type of personality and those type of people are normally not the most politically correct people in the world (see Larry the Cable guy). But then I read more into the story and found out what he really said. Apparently, Mr. Robertson had the gull to quote the bible as to who are sinners and mentioned homosexuals as the first group of people who are sinners. Oh how dare he call a homosexual person a sinner!! That is not politically correct in this day and age! We are to treat homosexuals with the white-glove treatment. No one is supposed to question their lifestyle but Robertson did and now he is paying the price.

I find it almost laughable for the reason of the suspension given by the network of his show, A&E. It is like Robertson had committed some serious breach of speech but all the guy was doing was giving his religious view on a certain group of people. He has a total right to speak up and express his views. It is called freedom of speech and I personally find absolutely no reason why he should be penalized for that. It is a very sad day in this country if we start firing people for expressing their personal religious views or quoting what the bible says. That is totally wrong and it is very refreshing to see the outrage that has developed over this story. Perhaps there is more to why Robertson got suspended and we may find out more in the near future. Maybe there was a contract dispute between him and the network but it appears that A&E is just another group or business that buckled under the pressure of the gay and lesbian extremists and it may come back to haunt them.

The gay and lesbians groups out there have long preached for people to respect them and tolerate their views. But tolerance is a 2 way street and I find these groups do not respect people who do not agree with them. They resort to name calling such as calling people haters or bigots who do not agree with them. By the way, if you call people who quote the bible as a bigot, you are also calling God a bigot as well. Just something to think about.

I do not think people who claim to be Christians are really being hateful towards gays and lesbians. We do not agree with their lifestyle but we still love them as people. If Jesus were alive today, he would not shun them just because they have a different sexual orientation. During his time on earth, Jesus spent most of his time with sinners and Christians should follow the same example. And many do. Most Christians are far from being bigots or haters, not even close.

The A&E network certainly has the right to suspend and fire whoever these please, but to suspend a major cash cow for your network is totally crazy and insane. And even more insane is suspending a guy for expressing his religious views and denying him freedom of speech. It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian or not; this ought to enrage everyone except for a small group of people who like to preach tolerance but are far from being tolerant to differing viewpoints. Unfortunately, this latest form of political correctness has being developing for years. Perhaps these radicals went too far this time.


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