Nothing beats college football

Sports fans are typically biased towards a particular sport on television. We all have our favorite sport that takes precedent over others. I tend to stop my channel surfing when I come across a basketball game. Other fans may search for that NHL hockey game or perhaps a NASCAR race. Nearly every sports fan likes to watch football and a good football game usually takes top billing over any other event that may happen to be on. As sports fans, we want to be entertained. I know if I am going to spend my precious time in front of the television, I want to be on the edge of my lazy boy recliner, all pumped up over that game rather than fighting to stay awake. In this day and age of the overexposure of many sports, getting excited over a particular game can pose to be a challenge. How can anybody get excited over watching some baseball game in late August between 2 last placed teams? Or maybe some NBA game in January with a couple of lousy teams? Too often than not, there are way too many meaningless games on television. It is like the feeling you get after watching a bad movie; why did I just waste 2 hours of my time watching this garbage? However, there is one sport that I think all sports fans can agree on for excitement and that is college football.

For the past week, I was really looking forward to yesterday which had a number of rivalry games, I even adjusted my travel schedule from my Thanksgiving trip so I could be home to watch the big matchup between Auburn and Alabama. The rivalry between those 2 schools is very intense and might arguably be the best in college sports. The schools are located in the same state and separated by only about 150 miles. Families have been known to feud over this rivalry; half of the family may be Auburn fans and the other half may be Alabama fans. Well needless to say, those schools do not like each other and this year’s game took on even more added importance because both schools were ranked in the top 5. The game had serious effects on the national championship race. I sat glued to my seat for nearly 3 1/2 hours watching one of the better games I have seen in any sport this year. I don’t have any real bias towards either team but I was thoroughly entertained. The ending was unbelievable!! Imagine if ever game on television were that exciting? We would have a serious epidemic of couch potatoes in this country, both men and women!!

Every sport has their big games and memorable moments and I don’t want to slight any of them but college football is kind of in a league of their own for drama and excitement. First of all, there are so many great rivalries. Auburn and Alabama is just one of many. Ohio St and Michigan, UCLA vs USC, Notre Dame vs USC, Texas vs Oklahoma and many others. The games really become fun when both teams are good and are highly rated like in yesterday’s Auburn-Alabama game. I would have loved to been at that game but the excitement of watching it on television was awesome!! It was like I was there in person. The game had everyone a good sporting event should have, a very close game, many exciting plays, an electric crowd, heroes and unfortunately goats. By the way, for those who want to crucify the Alabama kicker, don’t forget about the stupid, false start penalty that nullified a made field goal, late in the game. There was lots of blame to go around, not just on one guy.

Another thing that is really great about college football is that there are so many important and meaningful games. I find it very hard to find a sport where the regular season means so much. If you are a highly ranked team and lose in November, the chances of winning the national championship are pretty much thrown out the window. The Alabama game yesterday was almost like a playoff game. I am glad that college football will finally have playoff system set up for next year so more teams have a shot at the national championship. The regular season games will still mean a great deal as to who gets in or not. Having a playoff system will only make the sport that much better. I personally would like the national championship to be every year on January 1st at the Rose Bowl.

In a few minutes from now, I will turn on my television and watch my local NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings play. Perhaps they can pick up their 3rd win of the year against the hated Chicago Bears. If I can get about 1/3 the excitement from yesterday’s game, I will be very surprised. If not, I can always take a nice long nap. Or just maybe, there is a replay of the game on one of the sports channels. I would prefer the latter.


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