My 2013 Turkey of the Year awards

In a few days from now, many people from around this great country of ours will be sitting down and consuming a huge turkey dinner with all the fixings. ItImage is one of my top 5 favorite days of the year. Lots of good food, football, nap time and family gatherings all make this day wonderful. Most Americans use this time of the year to count their blessings and reflect on the many gifts that they have. I join millions in doing that but also take it one step further. Thanksgiving is also a time to reflect on all those turkeys in our society, and I am not talking about those birds that we consume during dinner on Thanksgiving. Many folks in this country have made utter fools out of themselves and they are to be recognized during this holiday. My committee and I have been hard at work for the past 12 months and have come up with a list of people very deserving and worthy of this very prestigious award. This year’s awards posed some very difficult decisions and challenges to us. One of our tougher decisions was whether the president of the United States should be given consideration for the award. After mulling it over for a few days, we came to the conclusion that the office of the president should be respected, therefore, he is banned from consideration. The same holds true for the author of this blog. Sorry folks! I am not being considered as well! So without any further delays, let’s get on with the awards starting with the finalists.

1. George Zimmerman-  Mr. Zimmerman was rather fortunate in being acquitted for the death of Trayvon Martin. He probably avoided spending several years in jail and no doubt would have been the target of many of his fellow inmates. So what does Zimmerman do after this acquittal? He goes and allegedly beats up his girlfriend and gets charged with assault. Not exactly a smart move!! Maybe some people are just destined to spend their life in jail.

2. Michael Bloomberg- For the first time ever, 2 mayors have made the final cut. Fortunately for the people of New York, this man’s term will expire soon and his big government intrusion into people’s choices. You might remember Bloomberg is responsible for banning all large soft drinks in the city. Maybe somebody should present Bloomberg with a large soda at his going away party or have a large drink named after him.

3. Rob Ford-  The second mayor to be considered. Toronto really elected a winner of a guy for mayor. Whether it is public intoxication of smoking crack, this man does it all!! Before long, he will get caught with a prostitute, mark my words on that. I would expect public officials to show much better judgement than Ford has been showing.

4. Ryan Braun- There are always some athlete that makes the finals and this is the first one. Braun basically lied to ever sports fan in the nation when he was asked during an ESPN interview whether he used performance enhancing drugs. Not only to sports fans but he also lied when confronted by his buddy Aaron Rodgers. He denied to Rodgers as well. Braun will return but the way he lied will never be forgotten.

5. Miley Cirus-  Who can forget that despicable act of hers during the MTV awards! She is basically trying to be another Lady Gaga or Madonna. Like I wrote in a blog a few months ago, Miley needs to be Miley and not try to copy someone else’s act. Her act is getting more ridiculous everyday.

6. Justin Bieber-  Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of hearing about this little whippersnapper’s problems in the news. Whether it is threatening a photographer, smoking a joint , going on a twitter rampage or defacing property with graffiti, the Biebster has really been on a roll lately. I wish someone would also buy him a pair on pants that actually fit him, or maybe a belt!! Why people are fascinated with this guy is beyond me!!

First runnerup-  The U.S. Congress. I saw a poll the other day that showed the approval rating for Congress is at an all time low. Wow, what a surprise!! The representatives in Congress are like little children; constantly fighting and not achieving anything. The Republican party has a major civil war going on among its ranks and the Democrats have a bunch of wacky liberals in control. We were going to give the award to this group until we realized something; they would just waste time fighting over who was more deserving of the trophy and maybe shut down the government again! Not good!!

Second runnerup- Kathleen Sebelius. Somebody has to be put to task for the awful Obamacare rollout and Sebelius, being the Secretary of Human and Health Services, deserves a large amount of blame. She had to have known of the computer glitches and problems before the site went live yet the decision was made to proceed. In her position, she is responsible for the oversight of the rollout and it has been a complete disaster. Like many officials of the Obama administration, she is blaming others for her shortcomings instead of shouldering the blame. There is absolutely no way you can defend Sebelius and the lousy job she is doing with the rollout. If this happened in the real world for a major company, she would be out of a job. I find it amazing that she is still in her position. Just another incompetent Obama official who was given serious consideration for the award.

The big winner is… Envelope please…. Aaron Hernandez. This guy had everything going for him, a very talented tight end for the Patriots, lots of money, a chance to play with one of the greatest quarterbacks ever and win many Super Bowls; instead he throws it all away by hanging out with the wrong crowd and now he is being accused of murder. Maybe this will be a great lesson for other athletes who think they can get away with murder or breaking the law. Hernandez was in a situation that ever football player in this country dreams about. Now it is all gone and he will be lucky to ever get another chance of playing again.

Last but not least, my committee would like to give honorable mention to those who were being considered but did not make the final list. Alec Baldwin, Hillary Clinton, Bob Costas, Pierce Morgan, Bob Filner, Louis Lerner, Oprah Winfrey and Alex Rodriguiz. Thanks for coming people; have a great Thanksgiving and see you next year.





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