More White House dishonesty

Throughout the course of American history, there has never been a shortage of dishonest people living in the White House or those of a presidential administration. Both parties have had their share of dishonest people who go out and tell their bosses, the American people, lies and half-truths about a certain issue. The latest outrage over the cancellation of millions of health insurance policies is just another example of politicians trying to stretch the truth in an effort to maintain power and stay in office.

I have very vivid memories of a few years ago when the President trying to sell his health care law to people. In many of his speeches, he assured people that they would not lose their insurance, their premiums would down and they would not lose their doctors. This new health care law would be better than sliced bread!! Many folks around the country bought into his used car salesmen speeches and helped him get elected. However, there were many skeptics, including myself, who had many doubts about his new plan. My doubts originated from the fact that this concept of socialized medicine has been tried before and failed. Why would it work now and in this country?

The revelations about the latest problems with the bill should come as no surprise to people who are actually paying attention. I could see this happening many years ago and sadly, it has been revealed that people in the White House also knew that about half of all insurance policies would be canceled under this new law. Of course, they did not speak the truth about what might happen. After all, they wanted their guy to get re-elected for a second term. Suppose these truths about the health care law came out about a year ago? Do anybody in their right mind believe that Barack Obama would have been re-elected. I am almost certain that Mitt Romney would have been our new president.

The same dishonesty holds true about Benghazi. The White House officials totally lied about what happened. I still believe that Mitt Romney made a terrible mistake in not pressing the president more on this issue during the debates. The White House had to know from the get go that the attack that night in Benghazi was a terrorist attack that killed 4 Americans. Instead they gave the American people a totally different story that was proven to be false. And let us not forget the IRS scandal just a few months ago. I often shake my head in amazement when I hear the president say that he is not aware of a situation that is troubling to the White House. He is the President and he should be AWARE of what is going on for crying out loud!!. Either someone is trying to cover his butt or he is not being honest with the country. I find it hard to believe that he is not aware of what is going on in many of these scandals.

If the White House thinks the American people like myself are dumb enough to just forget about these scandals, they better think again. The president’s job approval rating is now at an all time low and people in this country are getting fed up with being lied to and being told half-truths. Whether you are in private business or in the business of running the country, honesty is an often forgotten virtue. Dishonesty is a sure way to ruin a business as well as a presidency.  It will caught up to you. People have to be very careful when electing people to represent us. We all pay for their lies. Elections have consequences and the past presidential election is just a prime example. If you voted for Obama and are now faced with losing your insurance, doctor and paying higher premiums, you have nobody to blame but yourself. We all should be more careful with these used car salesmen politicians who promise one thing but deliver another.




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