No winners in the government shutdown deal

In the aftermath of the 16 day government shutdown, there has been a great deal of talk and analysis over how this will affect both parties in the short and long term. Judging by what I have been hearing on television and reading in the media, the Republican party lost this battle and President Obama and the Democrats came out the winners. Some people even are making foolish claims that the Republican party is finished and will it’s demise is all but certain, starting with the midterms in 2014. But did anyone really come out on top during this shutdown?

In theory,  you have to admit the Republicans were the losers. After all, they did not get their demands met and polls seem to indicate that they were mostly to blame for the shutdown even though some in the GOP fought very hard to defund the very unpopular Obamacare law. There was a lot of division among the Republicans during this battle and in the end, that proved to be the fatal to their cause. The Democrats once again got their way and life is really grand if you are a Democrat right? Well not so fast!!

This deal actually, as they commonly say in politics, “only kicks the can down the road.” The deal only funds the government until mid February. The only positive thing that it may have accomplished is a stop to a potential economic crisis in this country. It did nothing to solve any budget issues that will come back to hurt this country in the future. I did not see any deal that will help this country escape from a huge debt that we are currently under nor did it address any issues facing our economy and how to get it rolling again. The deal only ensured that they will have another fiscal battle going on in another 3 months. It is a never ending game in Washington. Maybe this will give more time for constructive talks between both sides but do not hold your breath on that!!

The problem in Washington is not really hard to figure out. There are deep ideology difference between many members of Congress and the president. It is a huge battle between Conservatives and Liberals. Coming to an budget agreement between those groups might be about next to impossible. The same partisanship exists for many other issues such as the debt ceiling and immigration reform. I personally feel that the only way for these issues to become resolved is for the average voter like you and I to get involved and put pressure on these politicians with emails and phone calls. Politicians who refuse to negotiate and talk with those of differing viewpoints greatly lose my respect. Any major budget agreement should have bi-partisan support.

I am sure that some Republicans will be hurt politically by the shutdown. There is not question about that. If your a Democrat and feeling pretty good about what just happened, I have something that may make you a little nervous. It is called Obamacare. If I were a Democrat, I would be extremely nervous about it. It is your bill and your party owns it. Already, it has shown many problems and this bill could prove to be a disaster for many Democrats. Your party could face huge losses in the 2014 midterms and further if this piece of legislation strikes out, which by the way, I think it will.

I wish I could say that all sides won in this government shutdown deal but that is far from the case. No side really gained anything but just a few lousy political points to beat their chests on. Both sides were hurt in the polls as well. Neither side won in this stalemate and the biggest losers were the American people especially those who were greatly affect by the shutdown. Stay tuned for further battles and more bickering in Washington. It will never end.



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