The great Washington blame game

It is fair to say that most people in this country love good action packed dramas or reality shows. We love watching people argue and fight over something in their quest for a certain goal. Reality shows are filled with characters who will do just about anything to win the grand prize. The recent partial government shutdown totally reminds me of one of those shows. Grown men and women (and I use that term loosely!!), arguing and bickering, name calling and accusing each other of ruining this country. If you love political fighting, then the current situation with the shutdown is just the story for you.

At the center of this great dispute is the debate about funding or not funding the Affordable Care Act, otherwise know as Obamacare. The battle is between the House of Representatives which is controlled by Republicans and the Senate which is controlled by Democrats. Despite the many efforts and bill revisions by the Republicans, the Senate Democrats refuse accept any new provision for funding the ACA bill.

As you might remember, President Obama made a significant announcement recently when he declared a delay for the business insurance mandates to go along with the exemptions that people in Congress have. However, the individual mandates are not delayed. Republicans in the House are trying to push through a funding bill based on the idea that all mandates, both individual and business should be delayed by a year. Personally, I think this is a very good idea, however, many Democrats in the Senate and the President are totally against this plan. My question is why? If big business and members of Congress do not have to abide by this bill, why not the average Joe or Jill in this country? Just maybe those Democrats in the Senate are afraid of losing their nice, cushy, subsidized health care for good. Perhaps they are aware of some of the drawbacks to this new health bill and want nothing of it. Just wondering!!!

There is a lot of blame to go around for this shutdown but I simply cannot let a side such as the President and members of the Senate off the hook for saying that they will refuse to negotiate. Their stubbornness and partisan is doing absolutely nothing to solve this major issue. Where were these guys last weekend, just days before the shutdown was going to happen? Rumor has it the President was out playing golf and the Senate leader was nowhere to be found. Really? Is that how we solve our problems in Washington? A good leader would have  brought both sides to the table, locked the door and not left until an agreement was reached. But as we all know, that did not happen. Now many people in this country will pay the price for the lack of leadership and partisanship of our elected officials. They are just playing a game of politics and power.

In my opinion, most of the blame for this shutdown should go to the President. It is his bill and he is refusing to compromise. Whenever a company runs into problems and trouble, the CEO gets the blame and it is no different with the federal government. The blame starts at the top. There is absolutely no reason that some sort of delay for the individual mandate can be agreed upon to iron out some of the kinks. In the meantime, it is time to start funding the government again. The longer this goes on, nobody will win, Republicans or Democrats. Both sides will get their share of the blame, probably more so with the Republicans, the biased media will make sure that happens. However, the biggest losers will be the American people. Stay tuned for the next episode of “The great Federal government shutdown.”


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