Knucklehead pro athletes

Suppose you were one of the best people in the world at your particular job.  An elite company calls you up and makes an offer that you cannot possibility refuse. Since you are one of the best in the world and have the potential to greatly enhance the company with your talent, they offer you a starting salary of at least a million dollars plus incentives. After about 5 years, the salary doubles, as does the incentives. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal doesn’t it?  You would be set for life and could probably retire very early. So my question is this, would you do anything to jeopardize this deal? Perhaps there is some stipulation in the contract which voids it for bad behavior, breaking company rules or criminal activity on your part. Would it be that hard to make sure your personal life is in top order and there would be no threat to this nice deal? I think most people would certainly think twice about doing anything that would even come close to jeopardizing this type of contract. Unfortunately, a few people in our society do not feel that way and they are the people we like to admire and worship. They are those few professional athletes who feel they are above the law or the policies of their particular league.

Being someone who plays sports myself, I have to admit my jealously of the professional athlete in this country. The money they make is unbelievable. If they plan things out well (many do not), they will be sitting well financially for the rest of their lives. Combine that with the fact that they are making tons of money just playing a game they enjoy and only working a few hours a day is another reason for my envy. How many part-time jobs can you find like that? Sure there are some down sides to being a pro athlete, lack of privacy and loads of travel but I doubt those athletes really complain too much about how bad it is being a pro athlete.

I really have to shake my head in disbelief over the recent stories in the news concerning Aaron Hernandez and those major league players caught using steroids. What are these knuckleheads thinking? Apparently, they are not thinking about the consequences of their actions, now, the future or how it will affect the organization which pays them millions. Not to mention how they let down many fans and friends.

Aaron Hernandez is a classic example of what I am talking about. A great,young tight end in the NFL who had nothing but great fame ahead of him. Now it is all gone. Hernandez will lose about 19.3 millions dollars because of his actions plus all that endorsement money. I find it very disturbing and sad to see such a great young talent ruin his life like that. If the charges of murder against him are true, it might go down as one of the most idiotic thing that any athlete in this country has ever done. Life is all about making good choices and Hernandez appears to be the poster child of the consequences of making bad choices.

Pro athletes are scrutinized more now than ever before. We live in a very media driven world and every little thing that some athlete does gets full attention. I heard that Tom Brady got caught jay walking the other day from Twitter!! But seriously, if I was one of those privileged athletes making millions of dollars a year, I be very careful who my friends and acquaintances are, what I say to the media or how I conduct myself in public. The sad truth is that many athletes are not mature enough to handle their sudden fame and money. Hernandez is not the only case, many have screwed up promising careers because of their poor lack of judgement.

Perhaps something good will come out of these stories about law breaking athletes. It could serve as a warning to other athletes. Maybe there is another baseball player out there who thinks he can get away with using steroids to enhance his career and maybe hit more home runs. But in the end, you will get caught and your legacy will be one of a cheater, not a good or great player. How humiliating would that be?

One of these days, guys like Hernandez and those other cheating athletes might wake up and realize how wrong their actions were. I could only dream of having the opportunity and gifts that Hernandez had. To see him blow it like that really gives a new meaning to the word knucklehead. I hope his story will be a lesson to all athletes and everyone in general who has a promising future ahead of them. There are many temptations out there that could potentially ruin your promising future.


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