The insensitive cover of Rolling Stone

If you happened to stop by a local newsstand this week, chances are that you may have spotted a magazine named Rolling Stone. On the cover was some innocent looking young man that from a distance looks to be some sort of musician. However, when you look closer, it is none other than one of the one of the Boston terrorists who is responsible for killing 3 people, including a very precious looking 8 year old boy and injuring 264. Why this punk is on the cover of this or any magazine is beyond me. It is a very sad day when a magazine cannot find a better person to put on it’s cover than some guy who is an enemy of this country and has caused a great deal of pain and heartache to many people.

I get the argument that people want to know more about this young man and his past. It is only human nature to have curiosity about what drives a madman to do what he does. But I have heard continuing stories about him for the last few months and nothing about him is really a secret to me. This guy has gotten more coverage in the last 3 months than many celebrities have in their lifetimes. It is really sad when we glorify and give so much attention to some coward in our culture. What about the 3 young people he helped kill, especially the poor young 8 year old? Why not put their pictures on the cover instead and write an article about those killed and how it impacted their families along with talking about how this guy’s actions is making life very difficult for many both physically and emotionally?

If I was an editor of a magazine and felt that a cover picture was insensitive to many people, I would scrap the idea. The idea of putting a guy’s picture on the cover of a magazine is very insulting to the entire city of Boston and especially the victim’s families. I suppose the knuckleheads over at Rolling Stone were more interested in the publicity this would give the magazine and went ahead with the plan. It was in very poor taste and the magazine deserves the heat it has been getting. There is absolutely no excuse for doing what they did.

I hope the few people who actually read that awful magazine will cancel their subscription. The writers and editors are a bunch of hacks who want to capitalize on the backs on the victims and town of this horrible event. Maybe there is good use for the cover after all. If you have a dartboard, the picture provides for an excellent target. Any person who commits such a terrible act such never be given the publicity and recognition from a cover photo. Any magazine that carries such garbage will not get money or subscription. There are far more deserving people to put on a cover of a magazine than some idiot terrorist.


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