The disturbing trend of domestic violence

If you live in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota like myself, you may have noticed a number of domestic violence stories dominating the news. Just the other day, a women was shot and killed while she was moving out of a house she shared with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend then turned the gun on himself. There have been a few high profile cases of women missing and their bodies were eventually found. One woman was brutally murdered by her husband and her naked body was eventually found a few months later near one of the downtowns. In all, there have been at least 7 very high profile domestic murders in the past year around here. I don’t know about other parts of the country but it is certainly a major issue around here. It seems like at least once a week, a story comes on the news about some domestic issue and this growing trend needs to be stopped.

I am by no means a relationship counselor or expert on this issue but it seems to me there are many factors that can explain why we have so many of these domestic issues in our society. I think the poor economy plays a huge role in causing people to snap and commit violence on their partner. People are really stressed out over their jobs or finances and eventually that stress enters into the relationship.

I also believe that social media sites and chat rooms cause couples to stray away from a relationship. In my opinion, it is much easier now than ever to cheat on someone. Even a site like Facebook can be harmful to a relationship. Couples get really jealous when that ex-girlfriend/boyfriend posts something nice about you or they wonder why you spend so much time chatting with people. When someone is caught cheating, it can really add fuel to the fire and lead to domestic violence.

The fact that many relationship problems end up in someone, usually the female, getting physically hurt or sadly killed is totally unjustified. I think it is so cowardly of a guy to physically attack his partner. Most guys are much stronger than their partners and can do much harm to a woman if they wanted to. If your a guy and you have a desire to physically harm your gal, you need to get some help asap!! Suppose that she cheated on you or screwed you over in some way. Get over it and MOVE ON!!! Why let some female control you like that? Live is way too short!! From a personal standpoint, I have had women cheat on me and take advantage on me but I have this don’t care attitude. If they really say they love me and pull that stuff off, then they are not worthy of my time or effort. They are just liars, pure and simple. I will just find someone else. I find no justification in doing any physically harm to them. I find that many of those women eventually have problems in other relationships as well. Getting all upset and striking your mate is a decision you will regret for the rest of your life. Taking the high road is the only way to go. Eventually things will work out for you and you will find someone better.

On the flip side, I know many women who are in abusive relationships and are very fearful of leaving that relationship. If you are one of those women, I think you are making a huge mistake by staying in that relationship. Like I was talking about in the previous paragraph, you need to get help as well. There are many services available to help battered women. It may save your life. I know how hard it is to break away from some guy that you have been seeing for a long time. The good memories of you guys are still there but is it worth it to go along in life fearful that he may attack you again and possibly kill you? The truth is, he will probably not change but you need to. There are plenty of good guys out there who will treat you much better. It is so sad that many women hang onto their abusive boyfriends or husbands for as long as they do. It takes a lot of courage to walk away from an abusive relationship but sometimes that is the best thing for your future.

I wish our society would realize how much as a growing problem this. These very high profile cases around here have really opened my eyes to this problem. These poor young women did not deserve to die. They had their whole lives ahead of them only to have it snuffed out by some cowardly partner. This violence has to stop before more innocent people get killed and their poor families have to deal with it for the rest of their lives.



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