A huge thanks to all veterans

There are certain people in this world that I have always admired and will continue to do so. No, it is not a group of famous athletes or celebrities who consistently grab the headlines and have many people patting them on the back for their achievements. While those people are basking in their glory and praise from others, another group of men and women are quietly going about their duties overseas, some even risking their lives so that we can enjoy everyday freedoms here in the United States. The people who I am talking about are members of our military past and present.

Our military is strictly a volunteer one. Nobody forces anyone to serve. The men and women who sign up feel a strong civic duty for this country. They could all take the easy way out and just go to a college for a few years, get a job, raise a family and have a nice safe life. Instead, these men and women who join our branches of military go through a very rigorous training program of boot camp followed by deployment to some dangerous, crappy part of the world like Afghanistan or Iraq. Many will leave their loved ones and families at home for long stretches of time. They all know that they might not come back home alive but that does not stop them from serving this country. I greatly admire the sacrifices and commitment that these brave people make to be a part of our military. They are my true heroes.

Imagine if nobody volunteered to join the military. Our country would not even come close to being as strong as we are today. We would have a draft and there would constantly be huge protests across the country. Before long, our country would probably change to some sort of dictatorship and would we even run the risk of having some other country take us over. That would be our worst nightmare. But thanks to many men and women every year, this will never happen. They are indeed the true unsung heroes of this country.

Many people across this country will probably enjoy time with their families this weekend. Maybe you are having a picnic or cookout. I think everyone should take some time this weekend to reflect on how important our military is and especially the brave men and women who are a part of it. I especially wish people would think of the many men and women who have given their lives fighting for our freedoms. Memorial Day weekend is often thought of as the unofficial start of the summer season but let’s remember what it really is about and honor those deserve a heap of praise for their sacrifices so that you and me can enjoy a better life here in the United States.


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