The tragic Moore, Oklahoma tornado

I think just about everyone complains about the weather at one time or another during the week.  I know I certainly do. Last weekend was a prime example.  We got a lot of rain here in Minnesota so my outdoor plans such as playing golf  got canceled. I also had the misfortune of getting caught driving in a fast-moving thunderstorm which produced some hail. The hail pelted my new car and I was in serious panic mode to say the least! Luckily, I did not get any damage but I was ready after that episode to just raise my white flag at mother nature and just give up! You gave us a very chilly spring with unprecedented snowstorms and now a ton of rain! Please stop! My attitude and perspective on the weather changed completely the following day when I heard about the devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

I cannot begin to imagine what those poor folks there had to go through. Very few people in this country have ever experienced being in a tornado, myself included.  And quite frankly, I would not want to know! Many people down south do not have basements and that would be a very unnerving thought without that protection and shelter. I would really fear for my life. My number one priority would definitely be to make sure my loved ones and friends were safe. Forget about any valuable possessions.  For the most part, they can be replaced.

The sad part about the storm is certainly the loss of life, especially of those poor young children in that elementary school. There are many grieving families in that community and my condolences go out to all those families who tragically lost loved ones. There are also many other people who suffered serious injuries and will have to face many surgeries and long days in the hospital and my heart goes out to those people as feel. Some of those people will have a lifetime of pain to go through. Many survivors did not have any physically wounds but deep emotional wounds and trauma. Seeing their houses get totally destroyed and the stress of what to do next, is certainly weighing heavily on many people of that town.  Many people do not realize but this type of storm also happened to the area in 1999, which makes it even more tragic and heart wrenching.  Just going through something like this one time in your life is bad enough but twice in 15 years? That is a very cruel act of nature. The chances of that happening to one town is very, very small.  There are many great, friendly and wonderful people down there and they deserve much better.

I would encourage everyone to chip in and help those people of Moore Oklahoma out.  Sending money is certainly the best way. It really makes me proud to be an American when I see how people bond together and help out each other during these tragedies. Complete strangers reaching out to help other strangers. That is the American way of doing things.  Those people really need our help and our prayers.

This tragic event will forever change the way I look at some of my minor inconveniences caused by some bad weather.  That bad weekend of weather that we had here doesn’t even pale in comparison to what those great people of Oklahoma had to go through. Many of us complain when the power goes out during a storm. The next time that happens, take a minute and think about the people in Oklahoma who had their homes destroyed or lost loved ones. It will totally change your perspective on how your life is affected by the weather. It really did for me. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people down there. The whole country and the world is behind you folks. Stay strong!!


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