The mockery of marriage in Minnesota

Last Tuesday, May 14th, my home state of Minnesota made it official by becoming the 12th state in this country to legalize same-sex marriages.  People in the media were calling this day one of the most historic in our state’s history and folks were actually commenting on how this will make Minnesota a much better state to live in. While many supporters of same-sex marriages were no doubt in a celebratory mood, there are many thousands of Minnesotans, like myself, who are completely outraged over this mockery of real marriage.

Poll after poll have been consistent in showing that over a half of Minnesotans do not favor same-sex marriage. A huge chunk of the support for this type of union comes from only a few areas, the Twin Cities metro area and Duluth. The Twin Cities area has one of the highest gay populations of any area in the country so it is no real surprise for the area’s support. The authors of the same-sex marriage bill in the state legislature are both openly gay and when you combine the fact that Democrats control both the House and Senate in our state’s legislature, you have a high probability that this type of bill would get passed. The vote in  the House and Senate pretty much went along party lines with only a few Republicans voting yes. I wonder how many of those people in out-state Minnesota who voted for Democrats in last falls election saw this coming. They say that elections have consequences and this one certainly did. Many are not very happy and the passage of this bill may spell the political death of many Democrats in our legislature. Which I might add may be a great thing for this state!! They have also made this state one of the highest taxed ones in the country as well.

The common theme of many politicians and people who supported this bill was this, “Why deny two adults who love each other the right to get married?” Really? Is that what marriage is all about? Just about love? I love my family members, does that mean I can marry them? Of course not! I have some rather hot looking cousins whom I love but I cannot legally marry them in this state. This type of logic used by supporters of gay marriage leaves open the possibly of so many types of marriages. What about polygamy? Why limit marriage to just a couple of people? If I love more than a couple of women, why can’t I have the right to marry all of them at the same time?  Of course being married to one woman may be tough enough! Where do you drawn the line in redefining marriage? The fact is that most people in this state have the right to marry, gays included. Nobody will stop you if you want to marry someone of the opposite sex. That is a basic right for everyone. If homosexuals want to have the right to marry outside of that agreement, then that should apply to straight people as well, right? I think politicians and supporters of same-sex marriages are ignorant to how redefining marriage may lead to many different legal definitions of marriage in the future. The possibilities are endless.

One of the biggest issues concerning this bill is the protection of religious institutions and individual’s religious freedoms. There are certain provisions in this bill that protect churches. For instance, they are not obliged to conduct a wedding of a gay couple. But what about some individual, such as a photographer, who will not agree to participate in a gay wedding. Suppose he or she gets sued for discrimination? What about Christian colleges who are forced to offer a gay and lesbian club for students? Since gay marriage is legal in this state, will schools be teaching this lifestyle to the children?  I can just imagine the uproar and potential problems arising from many school districts in this state. Many thousands of parents will be very upset if their children are forced to be exposed to a lifestyle which is completely against their religious beliefs. The passage of this bill is certain to create many legal discrimination suits all over the state from both religious and homosexual people. It could get ugly to say the least!

I don’t think there has ever been an issue that has divided so many in this state.  Supporters say that people will eventually accept same-sex marriage which may be true but that does not hide the fact that it is a sinful lifestyle according to my and many people’s beliefs. God created marriage to be between a man and woman, period!! It is clearly stated in the bible what God’s position on homosexuality is. As is the case with all sinful sexual types of lifestyles, the consequences are many and painful. The average lifespan of gay or lesbian is much lower than that of a straight person, they are more likely to have serious health issues such as aids and other sexually transmitted diseases. Many suffer from depression and emotional problems especially younger people. I personally know a young man who went into counseling and changed his life around. He is now happily married to a beautiful woman and they have a couple of beautiful young children. Unfortunately, our media portrays homosexual relationships are being equal or just as appealing as heterosexual ones. Sure there are some homosexual partners who have been together for many years but according to many studies, only about 5 percent of all homosexual relationships last more than 3 years.

Society is much better off if we leave marriage alone and do not force same-sex marriage onto people like what just happened in Minnesota. Traditional marriage has not been perfect, I have to admit that, but it is still a solid institution which is a very critical part of our culture and our children. Having children raised in a good family setting with a loving mother and father is the best way to produce good people in our society.  I do not deny that same-sex couples cannot raise good children as well but there is no comparison what is the best for a child. It concerns me that many children, who are up for adoption, will not have the choice of having an adopted mother and father to raise them.

On August 1st, same-sex couples will start having  marriage ceremonies around this state. I am sure the liberal media in this area will cover these events like a blanket.  The great thing about this is that I do not have to watch or listen to it! One of the local radio stations in the Twin Cities, WCCO even wants to have a live ceremony on the air. If that happens, I will personally boycott and not listen to that station ever again.  In the meantime, if you are a divorce attorney, you might want to live in Minnesota because there will be many new cases in the next few years. Same sex marriage is the law in this state but I still recognize traditional marriage as the only true marriage. As the phrase goes, “often imitated but never duplicated”.  Same sex marriages will never equal the value of traditional marriages in this state or anywhere in this world.





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