The totally senseless Boston bombings

When you think about bomb attacks and people getting killed and injured, the last place that you would think this would happen would be here in the United States. I mean that kind of violence usually takes place in the Middle East in places such as Iraq but certainly not in a safe country like ours. Well that line of thinking really changed last Monday when a couple of punk brothers decided to pull the unthinkable and activate a few bombs.

A few thoughts came to my mind when I  heard about this awful act of violence. First of all, it could have happened anywhere here in the United States.  I got a real chill up my back when I heard that a bomb went off near the finish line of the Boston marathon because I usually attend our local marathon here in the Twin Cities. It could have just as easily happened at our race in nearly the same location where I stand as a spectator. I am sure the victims felt very safe at the location of the bomb blast. They were enjoying a great afternoon at one of the most prestigious events in this country, when all of sudden, their lives were completely changed forever. Many lost arms and legs and unfortunately, a few people were killed in the blasts.

I think I can speak for millions in asking why? What motivates a couple of thugs to do this kind of violence and kill a completely innocent 8-year-old boy and take the lives of two young women who had promising futures ahead of them? If there ever is an example of how evil this world is, Monday’s events were a prime example. I never want to wish death or suffering on anyone but both of these got what they deserved. One of the guys got killed and the other probably suffered for many hours before being captured. Terrorists like these guys need to be wiped off the face of the earth. They do not deserve to be living, pure and simple. Forget about giving these guys Miranda rights. They deserve no rights at all!! I hope the remaining suspect is interrogated like crazy so he will spill some beans and maybe help prevent future attacks on innocent Americans.

The disturbing thing about these bombings is that there are probably more individuals in this country who are planning similar attacks. Like I said earlier, it could happen anywhere in the country. Maybe the next attack will be at some crowded mall or nightclub. We need to have some serious dialogue about what can done to prevent future acts of violence by these terrorists. There are many students in this country with overseas ties like these guys and you have to wonder if some of them are in contact with terrorist groups. There is a growing danger to Americans from many radical groups. What is going to stop some individual from walking into some crowded sporting event and blowing themselves up? I hope these bombings are not a sign of things to come in this country.

In about 51 weeks from now, the next Boston marathon will take place and I personally hope it will be the biggest and best ever. We need to show these terrorists that this country will not be intimidated by their actions. If there ever was a silver lining to this awful event, it is how people came together. I still cannot believe the sight of people in Yankee stadium the other night pay a salute to Boston. They are probably the biggest and most hated rivals in sports but funny how a tragedy can unite the most unlikely of people. Terrorist cowards seem to underestimate how strong us Americans are. We may have our differences but in time of need, we got each others back and support.

My heart really goes out to the families of those killed and to those people who survived but have had their lives totally turned upside down. We need to continue keeping these people in our thoughts and prayers. Another mention goes out to the fine work of the authorities in Boston. The video of people cheering the police on Friday night sent tears to my eyes. Those guys are true American heroes to me. They risked their lives to capture a very dangerous suspect on the loose.

I hope and pray that this event will not never be repeated anywhere else in this country. We really need to be more vigilant than ever as Americans to prevent this from happening again. Authorities and the police can do only so much. It is people like you and I who can prevent further tragedies from happening. Terrorists have a strong desire to kill as many Americans as possible even a poor innocent young boy.  They are our enemies we all could be the next victims of these cowards.






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