Global warming? Really?

The other day, I had a rather fun and interesting commute home from work. The snow was  coming down in droves, the winds were whipping up from the north and the temperature was a rather balmy 32 degrees with a windchill somewhere in the teens.  All of this on April 18th for crying out loud!! As you might have guessed, I had a rather slow commute home which gave me plenty of time to listen to my car radio.  I happened to come across a station which had on a guest who was talking about global warming and how we are being affected here in Minnesota. The timing of this interview could not have been any worse!! So some activist is trying to convince me that we have a problem with global warming on a day when the temperature is nearly 30 degrees below normal with snow to boot? Give me a break!! I nearly had a huge meltdown in the middle of the freeway when I heard the guest talk about this huge problem we are under. Perhaps she needs to get out of her bunker and stand outside for about ten minutes. Then tell me about your global warming crab!!!

I personally think global warming is one of the most overrated topics and biggest hoaxes there is.  There is very little conclusive evidence out there that it is a long-range problem and we need to take drastic action before the planet burns up. There are certain environmental groups and many activists who think otherwise and continue to press for more legislation to control energy. Actually, these people are just causing energy prices to skyrocket and further harm the economy for everyone. Forcing down a law to everyone in this country will do absolutely no good unless the WHOLE world complies to our standards as well. It does not do any good tell a certain plant that they have to control their emissions when some plant is China is not following the same law.

The whole perception that the earth is suddenly warming is just a huge myth. Scientists are not conclusive at all on this topic. In fact, the earth has actually cooled in the last several years. Sure we get these heat waves and above normal winters and everyone gets on the global warming bandwagon but temperatures do tend to even out over time. Using only 30 years of data is not a sufficient amount of time to conclude that the earth is getting warmer. If you look at the history of the earth, there have been many fluctuations of temperatures in a given period.

People who claim that greater CO2 emissions cause the earth to warm need to look at the period of 1940-1970 when level of CO2 emissions began to soar. The average earth temperature began to cool during the same period. So why is there all this fuss about burning coal and putting too much carbon in the atmosphere? All this talk about global warming being man-made is a big myth. I get really upset when I hear politicians talk about how we cannot burn coal because it will emit too much CO2 into the air. Maybe they should look at the facts before passing laws that will have a huge impact on our energy prices and economy.

I would invite all those global warming freaks to come to Minnesota some time and see how global warming is doing such damage to our state. I look out the window and see snow flurries, wind and about 5 inches of snow on the ground. And it is April 21st!! I wish they could be here right now for one of their conventions. Maybe they could sit outside at one of our outdoor stadiums and have a pow wow about how global warming is ruining the earth. I am sure many would want to get out-of-town as soon as possible provided they would not get stranded by the next late April snowstorm!!


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