The Supreme Court same-sex marriage cases

A few weeks ago, the Federal Supreme Court conducted hearings on a couple of same-sex marriage laws, The Defense of Marriage Act, otherwise known as DOMA, and the Prop 8 law from California which bans same-sex couples from getting married. The rulings of the court should be known by June. As is the case with anything to do with same-sex or gay marriage, it is a highly controversial case and will have a great bearing on the future culture of this country in many ways.

I have strong feelings about whether same-sex marriage should be legal or not and I am not alone. It might be the most divisive social issue ever to hit this country, even more so than abortion. I am against same-sex marriages for many reasons and in my opinion, it is totally wrong to redefine a union that has existed for thousands of years. God intended marriage to be between and man and a woman. But let’s look at these cases and what it may mean to this country in the future.

The Prop 8 law in California was not some bill that a few politicians decided to implement into law. It was put up to a vote by the people of the state and passed by a rather convincing margin, 52-47 percent. It is rather clear that people in California do not want same-sex marriage to be legal. This is not only the case with California but 30 other states have passed similar laws banning same-sex marriages. Now all of a sudden, a few activists judges want to overturn the wishes of many Californians by declaring Prop 8 to be unconstitutional. Why even have a vote then? If the California law gets struck down then what about the other 30 states? I would assume their bans on same-sex marriage would be declared unconstitutional as well. It is an extremely sad day in this country when a couple of judges are able to control things and overturn the will of the people. That is so un-American!! Maybe we should just let the judges elect who the president will be as well. Why waste time and money with having an election?

During the hearings, the word right was mentioned numerous times as in the right for someone to get married. I agree, we all have a right to get married and no one of legal age is actually denied the right to get married in this country. Gay people have the right to get married just as well as anybody else. All they have to do is find someone of the opposite sex to marry and they will be granted that right.  Just because we love someone doesn’t give us the right to marry that person. That is a very weak argument. Suppose people of the same-sex are allowed to get married, then what about my right to marry more than one woman? I may love more than one woman, perhaps 5, but why can’t I have the right to marry all of them? Suppose someone is bi-sexual. Do they have a right to marry both and have a 3 way marriage? A couple of family members may be very close, perhaps cousins and they want to form a union and live together to obtain the tax benefits of getting married. Where do you drawn the line on marriage? I hope the federal justices realize what a slippery slope they are dealing with. It will certainly lead to many different forms of marriage and unions. Do we want that in this country?

One of the biggest concerns I have about legalizing gay marriage is the impact it will have on our religious freedoms.  If a judge declares it a civil right for a gay person to marry his lover, then how are the churches across this country affected? If it is a civil right to have same-sex marriages, then I would think the any church in this country would be obliged to perform same-sex ceremonies, right? If not, they could be sued and many could lose their tax exempt statuses. Many churches do not support same-sex marriages and will not go against the will of  God.  Forcing someone to perform or be a part of one of those ceremonies is a clear violation of religious liberties and freedoms.

If same sex-marriage is declared legal and a right, then schools will begin teaching about it to children. Suppose I am a parent who opposes same-sex marriage and I do not want my children to be taught about it. What rights do I have as a parent? Believe me, there are many parents who would be outraged if their children were taught about that type of marriage. It seems like a big double standard in schools is starting to develop. We frown upon God and religion being taught in our schools but not same-sex marriages. That is totally wrong!!

I wish there was a way to solve these issues and make everyone happy. I have gay friends and wish them a lot of happiness. What they do in the privacy of their homes is none of my business but when they start forcing their way of life unto me and others, then it is MY BUSINESS!!. I hope the federal justices will consider the consequences of their decisions as well as other judges in making these decisions. The impact could change the culture of this country for generations and not necessarily for the good.





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